Monday, May 20, 2019

Inward lighting

Some images stand out more than others. I often asked myself why, and to be sure, there are lots of distinctive reasons. But the...

Nabucco Island Resort – Kalimantan

Today I will deviate a bit from my usual photo blogs and will talk about a destination. Nabucco Islan Resort, a fantastic place with...

Dappled light

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Critterstastic in Lembeh

Giant Sea Spider – Colossendeis colossea

For the next stop on our macro voyage, I sure hope there are no arachnophobes reading this as we look at another bizarre critter,...


Unmissable deals from Scuba Travel

This 6th of June Simply the Best onboard Hurricane for only £995 Flash Sale only 2 spaces at this price! Save £400and dive the fabled...

Great deals from Scuba Travel

SharkQuest on the 9th of May for only £1095 Come face to face with pelagics in the Southern Red Sea and save £300 with this amazing offer. Dive...

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What’s a Red Sea photo workshop really like?

My usual blog is blog is designed to give fellow photographers tips on how to photograph specific subjects, but this time I’m deviating a...



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