Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Inward lighting. Make your subjects pop

Some images stand out more than others. I often asked myself why, and to be sure, there are lots of distinctive reasons. But the...

Nabucco Island Resort, Kalimantan

Today I will deviate a bit from my usual photo blogs and will talk about a destination. Nabucco Islan Resort, a fantastic place with...

Giant Sea Spider – Colossendeis colossea

For the next stop on our macro voyage, I sure hope there are no arachnophobes reading this as we look at another bizarre critter,...


What have we been doing to help our Customers?

The last week has been a tough time for everyone and every industry, and in ours, it is no different.  We...

Scuba Travel Easter Specials

Check out the latest specials from Scuba Travel for this Easter Egypt Scuba Travel Easter Specials

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What’s a Red Sea photo workshop really like?

My usual blog is blog is designed to give fellow photographers tips on how to photograph specific subjects. This time I’m deviating a bit...



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