Wednesday, February 19, 2020

The Tank Bangers

Show your support for the Tank Bangers - sharing the beauty of the underwater world with their cracking ditty and great video

Marshall Islands’ shark sanctuary

The Marshall Islands is set to overtake Palau in creating the worlds largest shark sanctuary.

Are you diving against debris?

Project AWARE have long been encouraging people to organise clean up dives to help combat that perennial problem of rubbish making its way into...

Protecting the Galapagos

How does a country like the Galapagos strike the balance between sharing their incredible wildlife but also protect it for the future? John McIntyre asks

Alien Invasion?

Have you seen some dodgy looking species down at the coast? Well the MCS are asking people to report sightings of non native species that are invading our shores

Power to the People!

This year we have seen the rise of people power and we don't just mean in the Middle East. Check out all these success stories made possible by you.

Run a marathon for MCS

The Marine Conservation Society is looking for runners for 2012 - support a great cause and get fit!

Code of conduct: pygmy seahorses

Who would not want a picture of a perfect little pygmy seahorse but how can you do this without having a negative impact? New code of conduct points you in the right direction!

Whaleshark saved!

Last month the bat phone rang at HEPCA headquarters in Egypt.  A whaleshark passing through had swum into a lagoon near Shalateen but not...

M&S Forever Fish

M&S have teamed up with the MCS with a pledge to donate all profits from the sale of their Fish Forever plastic bags. Go M&S!

Is time for the GoDiving Show

There’s no better time to plan your 2020 dive adventures than at the Go Diving show Feb...

Going back to the Red Sea

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Scuba Travel, Latest Offers

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