Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Welcome to the Findex, an in depth look at the fish and coral life in the sea. We will take a look at the fish and critters that everyone will see while they are diving but maybe don’t know much about or don’t get as much time in the spotlight as the big stuff! Every fortnight we will look at a different region that Scuba Travel goes to looking at stuff from tiny to huge. Jim is a qualified marine biologist with over 10 years experience in the field studying marine life so if you have any questions feel free to get in touch!

Scuba Travel, Thresher shark

Pelagic Thresher Shark – Alopias pelagicus

It is about time we talked about my personal passion again, sharks! This time, we are going to talk about one of...
Scuba Travel, Sailfish

Atlantic Sailfish – Istiophorus albicans

Rounding up our list of showstoppers is one of the fastest fish in the sea, the Atlantic Sailfish! The...
Scuba Travel, Mola Mola, Sunfish

Mola Mola – Ocean Sunfish

Next on the list of showstoppers is one of the most bizarrely shaped fish in the sea, Mola Mola, the Ocean sunfish!
Scuba Travel, pygmy seahorse

Pygmy Seahorse – Hippocampus bargibanti

Today’s fish is one of the hardest to find but most beautiful critters you can see on the reef, the Pygmy Seahorse!
Scuba Travel, clownfish

Ocellaris Clownfish – Amphiprion ocellaris

This edition’s fish is one of the best known and most sought after photography subject on the reef, the Ocellaris Clownfish!
Scuba Travel, Napoleon Wrasse,

Humphead Wrasse – Cheilinus undulatus

Today it’s time for something a little different. So far in this series we have been looking at some of the species...
Scuba Travel, Hammerhead, shark

Scalloped Hammerhead – Sphyrna Lewini

Today it’s time for something a little different. In light of all the sightings we have been having recently I have decided to look...
Scuba Travel, Scrawled Filefish

Scrawled Filefish – Aluterus scriptus

Today’s fish is one of the most stunning in the Caribbean! The Scrawled Filefish. It has long been a favourite of divers...
Scuba Travel, Socorro, Mexico, Mexican hogfish

Mexican Hogfish – Bodianus diplotaenia

Today’s fish is a peculiar looking soul with a beautiful juvenile stage that often sneaks into photos taken in the eastern Pacific....
Scuba Travel, sweetlips, juvenile sweetlips

Harlequin Sweetlips

Harlequin Sweetlips - Plectorhinchus chaetodonoides Welcome back to the Findex, an in-depth look at the fish and coral...

Dive the Red Sea like never before onboard Whirlwind.

The Red Sea is piping hot. After months of no one diving, the Northern Red Sea is better than ever. The reefs...
Scuba Travel, Diving holidays. Sardinia, Mediterranean

Destination focus. Sardinia

Scuba Travel, diving holidays, Malta, wreck

Destination Focus. Malta