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Scuba Travel Easter Specials

Check out the latest specials from Scuba Travel for this Easter Egypt Scuba Travel Easter Specials

Scuba Travel Special Offers

Check out Scuba Travel Special Offers Scuba Travel Special Offers to Egypt
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Cyclone’s Winter Warmer with Mario Vitalini

by Penny Granycome Having dived several liveaboards in the Red Sea during the last few years and never...
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Dappled light. The golden hour

Photography is all about light and how we “paint” with it. Today I will discuss one of the most striking forms...
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Camera package by Mike’s Dive Cameras

Scuba Travel already offers fantastic underwater photography tuition in the form of their escorted trips. Now you can also get Camera package...
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Macro Basics by Martyn Guess

How to get better macro images by getting the basics right. MARTYN GUESS provides...
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Red Sea Reunion – Caroline’s Hurricane trip

We’ve all got those friends you’ve not seen for many years.  A reunion sounds like fun, but what if they’ve changed? What if things...
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Packing electronics: flying home from Egypt

Packing is one of the most stressful bits about any holiday. Increasingly, us divers have more and more electronics too in our kit bags....
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Baggage. Understanding Egypt’s rules

Baggage rules can be a minefield. this blog explains the guidelines to pack for your trip to Egypt.
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New security measures

We appreciate that the recent security measures introduced covering electronic items on flights leaving Egypt may be causing concern for some...


Are you dreaming of sunshine, crystal clear waters and pelagics? I know we are! This week Destination focus blog will visit The Maldives....
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