Thursday, September 21, 2017

Red Sea Relaxed November 2016 Trip Report from Katie (and Tony) Barrett

A trip report from first time liveaboarders Tony and Katie Barrett who were on the most recent Red Sea Relaxed in November escorted by Duxy and joined by Emma Farrell Freediver and Yoga Meister

I want to be Free!!! – of unwanted fish and backscatter…..

How to remove distracting objects spoiling your pictures

How to turn a frown into a smile…. ( A Sad Story pt2)

Suggesting some solutions to the difficult problem of critter manipulation in your underwater photography. Particularly in macro photography.

The Best Camera is the one you have with you….

The camera you have with you is more important than the better quality camera you may have at home and not immediately at hand.....

Not just a pretty picture…..

What do you use all those other pictures that you take for? The shots that don't fall into the category of competition entry or fish ID shot?

Photoshop Killer Tools – Content Aware Crop

Using the new Content Aware Crop tool in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, and some of it's pitfalls and how to avoid them

“Thank You you’re Excellence”

I recently had the weighty task of judging the BSoUP Underwater Excellence competition. It was great fun but very difficult because of the high quality of the admissions.

How I got the Shot – Busy Boats (making hay while the sun shines)

Planning ahead is great, and it provides you with the ability to strike whilst the iron is hot, when all your ducks are in a row, and all whilst making hay in the sunshine!!, who cares about a few mixed metaphors eh?

Knowing when to turn Left or Right

How exposing to the left of your Histogram can transform how you work when shooting in very low light. With the ideal environment to test this being the Cenotes in the jungles of Mexico

Paul Colley Red Sea Relaxed August Trip Report

  Red Sea relaxed: six good reasons to visit the Red Sea A pod of dolphins is heading our way and there’s only seconds to grab...

Whip Coral Goby – Bryaninops yongei

Continuing our macro tour, this time we are going to look at one of the most difficult critters to snap, the Whip Coral Goby! Whip...
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