Diver Magazine is going to hit your news stands shortly! And inside you will see John Bantin’s full article about his experiences in Sumatra this March with Scuba Travel.  But if you cannot wait, get the low down on Sumatra here!


Sumatra is one of Indonesia’s vastly under explored dive destinations. After the impact of the Tsunami in 2004 the entire region has been rebuilt and today you can explore the towns and villages that fringe the lush jungle and palm drenched beaches. All of this only a short flight from KL.

What can you do there?

John Bantin joined our very own Tony Backhurst on one of our unique tours. Spend 8 days diving in Lumba Lumba, where you can try brisk drift dives or go hunting critters. There is even a deep wreck, the Sophie Rickmers.  Few divers ever explore underwater here so you are guaranteed pristine diving.

“Whilst there are no coral reefs, the strong currents flowing round the island cause a remarkable display of gorgonians, other fans and hard coral.  This is now a marine conservation area so you find a good variety of fish and animals, black tip sharks, eagle rays, schooling jacks and barracuda, octopus, turtles and many varieties of moray eels to mention a few.  For macro enthusiasts there are a good assortment of critters both on the boat dives and on the house reef.”  Tony B

After the diving is done you then head in land to Bukit Lawang for 3 nights where you can see some of the marvels landside.  Watch orangutans feed, trek into the jungle or go white water rafting.  Adventure guaranteed.

“Both days provided some amazing encounters and we were lucky to get a good view of a white hand gibbon and her youngster after Ali hacked our way through thick undergrowth on a steep slope.  The trek finished with an exhilarating white water ride back down the river on a boat assembled from lorry inner tubes. Crazy stuff, bouncing about all over the place and hooting like kids in a theme park.” Tony B


Posted by Scuba Travel on Tuesday, 19 April 2011