Just some of the action that awaits in Sudan

Sudan is one of our all time fave winter destinations.  There is no denying that the best time to dive Sudan is during our coldest months but why is that?  Here are our top 5 reasons to book your winter dive fix to Sudan

1) Sharks – there are such a range of sharks to be found in Sudan and the deep water plateaus are the perfect setting.  Hook yourself in with a reef hook and watch the action unfold.  Hammerheads are one of the most popular sharks but there are plenty of grey reef sharks and even tigers too.  Anagarosh and Shaab Rumi are the most famous shark spots and the water temps are perfect for large numbers of pelagics.  

2) Mantas – Sudan is famous for the incredible shark sightings but did you know you can also snorkel with manta?  Large numbers of manta congregate around Meshrafi reef and lagoon during September and October!  

3) Wrecks – Sudan might not seem a wreck diving destination but the Umbria is a wreck that should be on every serious metal head’s wish list.  This massive freighter is found just outside of Port Sudan and so large that several dives are really needed to explore it in its impressive entirety.  She was scuttled by her own captain who was fearful that his cargo of ammunition, aircraft bombs and trucks would fall into enemy hands.  There are also further wrecks – the Blue Belt and the Con Shelf II.  

4) Technical diving – Sudan can easily be dived recreationally but she is also a tek diver’s heaven with deep plateaus and extended bottom times in warm, clear water.  Our liveaboard is fully kitted out with the pumps and blending panels and dive space you could want on the back dive deck.  Open and closed circuit divers are easily accommodated by the team. 

5) Royal Evolution – few liveaboards equal the standards of  Royal Evolution.  The steel construction and fast engines make light work of the sail down from Egypt (surely the comfortable way to dive Sudan).  No one knows the reef systems better than this team.  And to wrap up your perfect day’s diving, there is even free red wine with your dinner!

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