Make this your home for the weekReaders of Travel & Leisure magazine have just confirmed what we divers have known all along…. the Galapagos is one hell of a destination.  With a circulation of nearly 1 million readers, the Galapagos Islands were officially named the best island in Mexico, Central and Southern America.  Not a bad result when you think of some of the competition!

Scuba Travel’s director Tony went out to see for himself what all the fuss was about earlier this year.  Tony has done so many thousands of dives he long stopped counting but rates the Galapagos amongst the top.

“My first dive at Darwin was one to remember. Starting in the Theatre (very apt name) we sat perched on the rocks (gloves essential here) and just watched the drama unfold.  Hammerhead soup! Later we moves over a sandy area where we looked down into the deep where the hammerheads looked like tadpoles against the sand, and then a squadron of eagle rays. Towards the end of the dive there was just Peter and I and Santiago. Suddenly Peter was swimming about and gesticulating and signalling a letter “T” and scanning in all directions. Then there it was right in front of me, a four meter Tiger shark. By the time I managed to find the shutter release with my gloved fingers the beast had turned away and I missed the shot.”

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