The lovely Ben and Sarah normally run our tours in Sumatra (check out Tony’s trip report) but when they are not working hard (!) they spend their time checking out the diving outside of Sumatra and these are some of their favourite dive areas in Indonesia:

  1. Wakatobi – the reefs around Wakatobi are breathtakingly pristine and stunning.  Every inch is covered in hard and soft corals and there is nothing to compare to the marine life.  Tons of turtles, eagle rays, occasional black tip compliment the sea snakes, banded snake eels, a myriad of clownfish and all manner of tiny critters.   Pygmy sea horses, hairy squat lobsters and popcorn shrimp… the list goes on.
  2. Raja Ampat – Does Raja Ampat deserve the hype? In Ben’s opinion… yes! Each and every dive comes up with something different, vibrant reefs, staggering abundance of fish life and diverse topography.  For anyone looking for a ‘back to nature and simplicity’ experience try Kri Eco Resort or for those extra creature comforts Sorido Bay. Both offer exceptional diving on their doorstep, already planning a return trip early next year!
  3. Bunaken & Lembeh – For reef diving head to Bunaken’s stunning walls with clear waters and plenty of fish, for those who prefer a slower pace of life Lembeh offers nice long relaxing dives where weird and wonderful marine life try to deceive one another – and you most of the time. They are only a short distance from one another so it’s worth considering both on your itinerary.
  4. Pulau Weh – well there has to be a reason these guys return each time to Sumatra and it is the simple life with awesome diving that keens them coming back.  There is a huge range of marine life here, from reef sharks to the smallest crazy macro right on the beach front.  A dive over thermal vents and wreck, the Sophie Rickmers to boot.  Visit today before the secret is out!