The topic of sustainable fishing has never been more current and retailers are finally getting the message that customers really do care about what they eat… and the impact it has on the environment.

UK charity the Marine Conservation Society works closely with an ever growing group of mainstream retailers to improve their products.  Household name Marks & Spencer have been working with the MCS for quite some time but their newest incentive is the Forever Fish campaign.  M&S are pledging all profits from the sale of their Forever Fish bags to the MCS, WWDF and other educational charities.  This is worth a staggering £1.2 million!

Not only were M&S one of the first to charge for plastic bags in their foodstore but they have been proactively sourcing fish from sustainable sources.  Now we cannot think of a better reason to treat yourself to some tasty M&S grub, but remember to pick up your Fish Forever bag.