The impact of tourism on the natural environment is of course a concern for travellers but can be a major problem for the local residents in popular destinations such as the Maldives. Many of these countries have little or no recycling facilities so all non degradable waste, such as plastic bottles, has to go to landfill. Not so easy if you don’t have much land to fill! Those of you who have followed the Plastic Oceans project will be aware that a staggering amount of plastic ends up in the Ocean. How can we help? Well do we really need to take all those bottles of shampoo, conditioner etc with us on our dive trip? Most resorts and liveaboards supply these in ceramic or metal refillable containers in the bathrooms. Many of us may (especially the ladies) may prefer their own favourite brand of course, but at least make sure you bring the empty/1/2 full bottles home again. Scuba Travels’ Suzanna’s top tip is to use the small travel bottles and bring them back home and top them up again for the next trip, so re-using the same containers every time. Every little bit helps!

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