Join Gabi for tek adventure

The Southern Red Sea has some deep plunging walls… and even deeper wrecks, all of which are crying out to tek divers to explore.  Be it the Brothers, Daedalus or Rocky, if the deeper side of diving rocks your world then you should be looking at Grand Sea Serpent for your next Red Sea liveaboard.

On board are the supremely experienced tek divers Gabi & Maria.  This Argentian team have been running Red Sea liveaboards for several years and have an extensive experience of the dive sites, including some of the lesser known deep wrecks.  Gabi in particular is a keen tekkie with both open and closed curcit systems. With this duo on board, Grand Sea Serpent is the perfect set up for tek diving.  But what is there to see?

Once you have got down to depths on the walls there are a few wrecks that are seldom dived due to their depths.  The Maiden on Rocky is around the 100m mark and thought to be a general cargo vessel from the 19thC.  This is one incredible dive that should not be missed.  Go down the northern tip of Daedalus and you can find the shattered remains of the Zealot.  Or follow the Numida down Big Brother to the ledge upon which she rests at about 90m.  These are serious tek dives but with Gabi’s experience and guidance you too can now discover more.

Scuba Travel will be offering a guided tek add on to all suitable southern Red Sea itineraries.  This is your chance to go deeper and with Gabi’s assistance, on top and below the water, see the sights recreational divers never get to experience.  Full details of our tek add on will be announced shortly so watch this space!