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Twice a month we will look at specific subjects we regularly encounter on our dive trips and will give some tips on how to photograph them. Thanks to his experience as a dive guide and a photographer Mario will discuss characteristic behaviours, technique, equipment and composition.

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Shark Quest Photography: Mario’s Trip report

Sitting back at my desk I had have a quiet moment to think about last week's trip. It was the first shark Quest photography workshop of this year, and what a great trip it...

Shooting sharks with ambient light

When photographing pelagics such as sharks the use of strobes is sometimes not possible. This may be because the animals stay at a safe distance or like it happens in some places, we are...

Back to basics. Wide angle

Today I'm going back to one of the basics topics in underwater photography, wide angle lenses. One of the most repeated sentences when coaching underwater photographers is "get closer" and there is a very simple...

Snell’s, a window to the sky

If you want to get a really impressive wide angle shot, there are a few compositional elements you can always rely on. The snell's window is one one of them. What is Snell's Window? Named after the...

Creative editing 101

On a rainy day, there are not many things to do outside.  So why not sit in front of your computer and have a look at the images from your last trip? This blog is...
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Arms, the more the merrier

The Cephalopods family includes octopus, cuttlefish and squids, without a doubt some of the most strange and interesting creatures in the sea. Incredibly intelligent these beasties are for sure some of the favourites of divers...

The smiling dolphin

We've just finished a dive on the Carnatic, one of the popular wrecks of Sha'ab Abu Nuhas in the Northen Red Sea, when suddenly a big dolphin breached next to our RIB. Our driver...
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Amazing mantas

Last year, during a dive on Daedalus Reef I had one of my greatest encounters with mantas. The Red Sea is not known for reliable manta encounters however during the month of May these...

Winter Warmer

The end of January was dark and cold so on the 21st, together with a group of keen divers and photographers we boarded a plane headed to sunny Hurghada. The Winter Warmer 2018 was...

Going black and white?

There's real beauty in a seemingly simple tones. For this blog, I'm going to talk about a technique that has been close to my heart since I first got a camera in my hands -...

Scuba Travel Special Offers

On the 29th of February dive the best Wrecks and Reefs of the Northern Red Sea from Whirlwind for...
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Scuba Travel Special Offers

Scuba Travel, Latest Offers

Scuba Travel Special Offers

Scuba Travel, Latest Offers

Scuba Travel Special Offers

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