One of the perks of working for a dive company is that each year we get to try out the new destinations.  As soon as I saw Oxygene Newfoundland join the list of destinations we offer, I knew that was the trip for me in 2009.  Now I know, cold water diving is not everyone’s cup of tea and especially as an ex dive guide in warmer climes, I am bucking the trend.  But the lure of humpback whales, pristine wrecks and icebergs all in one trip was just too strong to resist.  Nor am I alone.  Angela Mackintosh, one of the MDs here at Scuba Travel, was keen too to get up close to these massive and beautiful creatures.  I had a dive buddy.

So now it is I find myself 6 weeks before a trip to Canada and a sense of mild panic is starting to creep in.  Have I thought of everything?  My to do list is getting longer.  Tickets have been booked.  Our room is reserved at the Ocean Quest lodge (oh yes, a sauna on site!).  Dry suit is a must but I am running around trying to make sure the rest of my much abused dive kit is up to the job.  Regs need servicing and I am currently missing a fin but there is still time…..

More importantly we both agreed some pre Canada diving was needed before we set sail.  Ang quickly bagged her place on a trip to Cornwall and I am off Lundy with the lovely chaps at Oxygene Cranleigh later in the month.  Both of us have dived in the UK before so have a fairly good idea of what to expect…. I think… but if anyone out there has any tips let me know.

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