by Melissa Channe

Bored with the winter weather? Thought about travelling to the Maldives but not too sure when is the best time to go? Been many times but want to try something different? From December through to April, there is no better time to visit the Maldives and here is why.

During these months, winds are generally at their lowest, for us divers this means clearer skies and calmer seas. The currents flow from east to west through the Atolls and tend to start off strong at the beginning of the season, slowly decreasing towards the end. At this time expect better visibility to the eastern side of the Atoll.  The visibility is usually between 20-30m, great for many different shark species, and between 15 – 20m on the western side, perfect for mantas and whale sharks feeding on the plankton heading out to the open ocean.

A liveaboard is one of the best ways of exploring the warm Maldivian waters. With several boats on offer, there is something for everyone, even non-divers.

What can you encounter around this time?

Mantas and whalesharks are there all year round so add them to other great chances like reef sharks hanging about at the edge of the channels, nurse sharks underneath rocks or on night dives. Turtles, snappers, moray, octopus and nudibranch along with some other iconic Maldivian sightings like eagle rays in formation and stingrays on the sand are a familiar sight.

The Deep South itineraries become the divers choice at this time of year. Stronger currents bring in the bigger pelagics swimming across the channels. Sharks are plentiful in the southern region from hammerheads & grey reefs to threshers and tiger sharks, if you are lucky. Normally 2 domestic flights are required both at the beginning and end of the trip to take you to some of the most remote islands, which also means less chance of running into other dive boats. The diving in the south is perfect for more advanced divers that want thrilling drifts, fast currents and lots of sharks. The Deep South Southern Sharks itinerary runs from January to March only and gets booked up very quickly so give us a call now to check availability.

The Sharktastic itinerary also takes advantage of the strong east to west currents. Travel down to Meemu, Ari, Vaavu and South Male in search of pelagics in the blue, as well as soft corals, small critters, rays and reef sharks along the channel walls. Enjoy fast drifts and amazing visibility up to 40 meters.

This itinerary only requires 1 domestic flight either at the beginning or end of the week. Seasonally running between January and April, this is a great pelagic searching adventure for advanced divers.

Fancy a classic itinerary?

Best of The Maldives runs all year round taking you to some of the most popular and beautiful dive sites in the Maldives. It is a great itinerary to really showcase the best of what the Maldives has to offer. Morays, eagle rays, stingrays, mantas, whalesharks, nurse sharks, grey reef sharks, snappers, batfish, dolphins plus much more, make up most of the sightings tick list.

No trip is the same. Even if you have stayed on many liveaboards in the Maldives before, you will always discover new dives sites. The liveaboards take you to the best dive spots around each Atoll for that particular time of year, which is a real advantage when trying to spot the big pelagics.  

We have some great offers for small groups from the Emperor and Carpe fleets. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your friends and give us a call!

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If you fancy great weather, thrilling drifts and pelagics, whether you are a solo traveller, couple, group of friends or dive club, give us a call to arrange your next Maldives holiday and find out why this is the best time of year to visit!