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Atlantic Diving Holidays

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Atlantic Diving Holidays

The Atlantic is a great aquatic highway for a vast number of marine species found all over the planet, each on their annual migration. So you never know exactly what you will see passing through.


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Newfoundland will appeal to any UK diver that is on the hunt for a dive trip with a difference. In these pristine waters great wrecks loom from the depths - some as old as 500 years - and over 22 species of whales feed on the nutrient laden waters.

With its enticing combination of wreck diving, passing whales or magical icebergs Canada will sweep you off your fins. The Atlantic coastline here is rugged yet beautiful, peppered with coves and outpost towns and with a range of specialised tours on offer, Newfoundland is well worth a closer look.

Nor does diving in the Atlantic just mean cold water diving... warm water lovers will also find stunning diving and lazy hot days as you travel to the eastern Atlantic region and Tenerife where the ecology is a curious mix of Atlantic rays and fish that would seem more at home in the Mediterranean. Tenerife's famous volcanic rocks descend down below the water line, creating breath taking topography that is sure to please novice and experienced divers alike. Tenerife is a fabulous choice for families and non divers too with lots more on offer.

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