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Indian Ocean Diving Holidays

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Indian Ocean Diving Holidays

The Indian Ocean is a vast expanse of water that seems to stretch out endlessly. From the white sands of the Indian subcontinent all the way to Africa's shores, the Indian Ocean is home many different countries and diverse cultures, not least the Maldives, Sri Lanka and South Africa.


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Underwater the Indian Ocean is even richer and more exciting than life on top. Aqua blue waters, soothing warm waters and a huge wealth of marine species, from the smallest to the biggest end of the scale. These are just some of the characteristics that draw us to the Indian Ocean time and time again and ensure that we leave enchanted.

The Maldives is a haven for divers, who can find manta, rays and sharks alongside vast schooling snapper, barracuda and sweetlips. This island nation barely scrapes the water line but certainly knows what it takes to make your dream holiday happen. The resorts are famed for the romantic atmosphere, traditional wooden decor and excellent service. If diving is your priority then the luxurious liveaboards that sail both the northern and southern atoll regions are guaranteed to hit the just the right spot. Be it exploring the remote Northern atolls or cruising the popular Southern atolls, you can be sure that the awesome diving beneath the waves is matched by an unrivaled service from the knowledgeable dive team.

At the other end of the Indian ocean lies South Africa and the promise of a holiday packed with adrenalin. World famous for her large predators, this stunning nation is home to some a huge number of shark species, not least tiger sharks, ragged tooth and great whites. See the Sardine run first hand and witness the single largest marine migration on the planet - sure to leave you breathless. In between dives, game drives take you up close and personal with roaring lions, impressive rhinos and long legged creatures that roam the savannahs.

Sri Lanka is a new diving destination with incredible sights. Blue whales are one of the big highlights and the opportunity to snorkel with them should not be missed. If you love wreck diving there is plenty here too including the HMS Hermes, a vast air craft carrier packed with fish. There are still new dive sites and wrecks being identified in this exciting new dive mecca.

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