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Croatia Diving Holidays

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Croatia Diving Holidays

Throughout the ages Europe’s finest and richest have flocked to Croatia to benefit from the sparkling weather and soothing sea breezes. Today Croatia is just over an hour from the UK. Let your holiday begin - be it marveling the imposing architecture and fascinating museums or enjoying a sampler in one of Croatia’s vibrant bars and restaurants. This small country is over flowing with wildlife, both above and below the waves, and has miles of enticing beaches. Perched on the Adriatic Sea, the coastline is scattered with over a thousand islands, which creates a truly idyllic scene.

Croatia is emerging as one of Europe’s most interesting dive destinations and the government is keen to ensure that it remains as healthy and vivid as ever. All divers are required to purchase a diver permit before hitting the water at a nominal charge. And the world underwater is well worth preserving. Sheltered from strong currents, the marine life gently ebbs and flows in gin clear water. Winding past gorgonians and anemone, divers can creep into the many caverns and overhangs. Dolphins are often spotted in the summer months and Croatia’s wrecks are a great place to head for if you are a macro lover. Croatia will certainly suit any diver, irrespective of experience, and as the sun sets over the beautiful sea, you will not want to leave.

  • Dolphins
  • New and upcoming destination
  • Suitable for all levels of divers
  • One hour from the UK
Only a short hop from the UK, Croatia is a great place to learn to dive - hotel therapia
Amazing hotels provide all the facilites you could dream of - hotel therapia
Gorgeous sunsets are the perfect wy to end a days diving - hotel therapia
  • Location:

    Croatia is a country in central and south-eastern Europe, at the crossroads of the Pannonian Plain, the Balkans, and the Mediterranean Sea. With a 1105 mile mainland coastline, over 1,000 islands (47 of which are inhabited) and a mild Mediterranean climate, Croatia is one of Europe’s top seaside destinations.


    The official language is Croatian. People working in tourism generally speak excellent English.


    Roman Catholic Croats (87.8% of the total population) and Eastern Orthodox Serbs (4.4%), as well as small communities of Protestants, Jews and Muslims.


    GMT + 1 (GMT + 2 from the last Sunday in March to last Sunday in October)

    Weather & Water Temperature:


    220 volts AC, 50Hz, 2 pin plugs. It’s advisable to take an adaptor. We also highly recommend that you take a surge adaptor with you if using expensive and valuable appliances. If you have a specific electrical requirement please contact one of the Scuba Team who can discuss this with you and advise you accordingly.


    Croatian currency is the Kuna. By Croatian law it is illegal to accept foreign currency (including €’s) as payment. Credit cards are widely accepted although will be subject to local surcharge.


    Service is generally included in the bill, and is about 10% of the bill, but you can also leave a tip if you wish to.


    No visa is required for UK passport holders for stays of up to 90 days. You must be able produce evidence of return/onward travel and evidence of sufficient funds for the duration of stay (€100 per day for nationals staying in a hotel). Non UK passport holders can contact the Croatian Embassy on +44 020) 7387 2022.

    Food & Drink:

    The biggest form of health problems with divers and tourists alike is being dehydrated. Please drink plenty of water before and after a dive as well as throughout the day.

    Foreign & Commonwealth Office Travel Advice:

    For up to date advice on foreign travel please visit

    Health & Vaccinations:

    Requirements vary from country to country, your own GP is the best person to speak to regarding relevant requirements. Make your GP aware that you will be scuba diving, as some medication is not recommended for Scuba divers. Clothing: Lightweight and beachwear (including sun protection) for summer. Medium weight for winter with heavier clothing for inland areas. It is a good idea to pack waterproofs at any time of year.


    Passports much be valid for at least 6 months on your return to the UK.
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