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Mediterranean Diving Holidays

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Mediterranean Diving Holidays

The Mediterranean coast has for centuries been the place that those in the know head to for sun, sea and above all relaxation. Only a short flight from the UK, in a matter of a few hours you can be transported to another world. Yet the warm and temperate climate is only one of the attractions. From the sun scorched landscapes to the lip smacking local cuisines, there is plenty to keep even the most active traveler entertained.


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Scuba Travel have hand picked some stunning hotels that are sure to appeal to divers and non divers alike. Be it a weekend break or longer trip, each resort has its own distinctive character and style. Be in the middle of the action or set back from the crowds... let yourself escape to the Mediterranean, whatever the season.

Diving in the Mediterranean could not be simpler or more satisfying as it is home to a myriad of wrecks, caves and overhangs and glorious marine life. With your safety and enjoyment in mind, Scuba Travel works with dive centres in Malt, Croatia and Sardinia. Delivering a premium service that you can enjoy from the comfort of a purpose built dive boat. The calm waters and sheltered dive sites make both destinations ideal for learner divers or non divers who want to enjoy some time on the seas.

Malta is a wreck divers mecca with both historical and purpose sunk wrecks waiting for your exploration. Gozo is easily accessible and home to the starling topography of the famous Blue Hole - perfect for technical divers too. Croatia in contrast offers a diverse marine life and the perfect place for rich corals, gorgeous gorgonians and schooling fish. The gently sloping reefs are home to a flourishing underwater wonderland that is still relatively undiscovered but guaranteed to please. Sardinia is a diving destination that has become increasingly popular over the last few years and people who visit Sardinia discover not only its unique underwater environment but also have an unforgettable holiday.

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