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Mark Powell | Tek Expert | Tek Diving Specialist


Mark Powell is one of the UKs best known technical diving instructors. He has been involved in diving since the mid 1980s and has been teaching since 1993.

Marks passion is wreck diving and it his exploration of deeper wrecks that led him into technical diving. Mark has served on the National Executive of the SAA as well as being its technical diving advisor. He currently represents TDI/SDI at British Safety Diving group meetings as well as being a member of the BSI committees defining standards for diver training and diving equipment.

He also writes a monthly column in Sports Diver which covers all aspects of technical diving. Mark is the author of Deco for Divers a book that for the first time allows the average diver to fully understand the principles behind this fascinating and critical aspect of diving.

Mark Powell joins Scuba Travels expert team and will be running a number of Tek specific holidays. Watch this space for more details!

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