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Matt Robinson | Tek Travel Specialist

Matthew Robinson one of a very small handful of individuals who have dedicated their lives to develop a passion for diving into a lifelong career, culminating in becoming an international Training Director for the US rebreather manufacturer, Hollis.

His determination to learn, and later teach over 10 rebreather units through all the main training agencies at certification levels from entry level to 100M advanced trimix, have led him to have become arguably one of the top instructor trainers in his field. Matt first completed his PADI Open Water course in 1994, progressing to OC tech in 1995 and then switched to diving rebreathers in 1997.

He has chosen to specialise in rebreather diving and has dived exclusively closed circuit since then.

Matt has worked on several rebreathers as a test diver, using valuable experience to help shape features of each unit for you to enjoy. His many years spent delivering diving education worldwide have led him to adopt a training style that is eagerly received and leaves a lasting impression.

Matt is now at the forefront of training the next generation of rebreather divers and instructors on many different models. Matt truly is a rebreather specialist, but above all as professional educator, he looks forward to sharing his experience with you, opening up a new way of diving that will energise your love for our sport.

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