Mike Ward | Wreck Expert | Diving Photography Specialist
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Mike Ward | Wreck Expert | Diving Photography Specialist


Mike borrowed the club camera within a few months of learning to dive and shortly afterwards bought his own outfit. These days he very seldom enters the water without a camera and has made the transition to digital. As well as talking about the wrecks he’s happy to help underwater photographers with their kit or technique, either on the boat or in the water.

Mike had his first magazine articles and pictures published almost thirty years ago, long before he took up diving, and he now writes regularly for Diver magazine, mostly humour based on his diving experiences over the years.

Mike has been diving the wrecks of the Red Sea for more than ten years and has done a huge amount of research to put the wrecks into their time and place.  He’s an enthusiast for diving in general and more so for understanding what wrecks can tell us about the times they came from.

As well as diving Mike is also a regular visitor to the temples and tombs of Ancient Egypt and is currently writing a travelers guide to the Nile. He lives in North Yorkshire with his wife, Dawn, and between them they look after five horses, four sheep, five chickens, two dogs and a cat.

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