Scuba Travel are now diving the Azores

Scuba Travel are delighted to now be offering the fabulous diving and holiday destination of the Azores. We have chosen our island destinations in the Azores very carefully and our dive operator, Haliotis, really know these waters. Each of the islands offers a glimpse into the superb diving in the Azores, but with it's own unique attraction. The resorts on offer vary from chalet accommodation, ideal for groups or families, to intimate boutique hotels - there's something there for every budget and to suit all tastes.
There is plentiful marine life throughout the year but June to October is best as that is when the pelagics come in due to the warm currents of the gulf stream. Head to Faial for the chance to dive with blue sharks or jump in at Santa Maria for mobula encounters. The reefs themselves are packed with schooling fish. Jacks, tuna, baracuda, snapper and groupers are all common, alongside morays and an impressive selection of macro life. Nudi lovers will be in paradise!
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Santa Maria Island - Azores
Charming Blue Hotel
Introductory offer save £100!

The Charming Blue hotel is a new boutique option for those wanting their stay on Santa Maria to be that bit extra special. It lies in ViIa do Porto itself, with easy access to the town as well as lush landscape of the island.
See more about the Charming Blue Hotel

  • Boutique hotel in Vila do Porto
  • Relaxed amibance
  • Taste the local cuisine
  • Perfect for couples and non divers

Diving in Santa Maria is best experienced by boat. Haliotis have the largest RIBs on the island, with comfortable banked seating and all safety equipment. As you descend under the water, the first thing you will notice is the great viz, which can be up to 30m. The reefs are volcanic, with lava tunnels, arches and swim throughs all over. Feel the rush as you come face to face with Santa Maria's resident mobula population! 

Faial Island - Azores
Faial Island Resort
Introductory offer save £100
The Azores has incredible blue water diving. The volcanic formations underwater create swim throughs, caves and overhangs, along with undulating reefs or walls. This is heaven for macro lovers. But it is the blue sharks in Faial that are the stars of the show!
  • 4 star hotel within walking distance of historic centre
  • Great sea views from hotel and some rooms
  • Plenty of on site facilities and amenities
  • Dive centre on site
  • Good for: Blue sharks and mobula, alongside schooling fish. Plus caverns, overhangs, macro life (nudis)
  • Suitable for beginners
Discover the varied diving in Faial, plus a chance to come face to face with Blue Sharks. Click here to find out more!
Dive the Red Sea on Whirlwind
11th March now only £975

Fill your log book with iconic dive sites... the Thistlegorm, Shark & Yolanda, Abu Nuhas and Tiran.... these and so much more awaits!
Sail away on the ever popular, award winning Whirlwind. Departing from Hurghada.
  • 5 star Red Sea diving at affordable prices
  • All cabins have twin beds, en suite & air con
  • 2 sundecks and a jacuzzi!
  • Spacious! Separate dining area and saloon
  • Suitable for all experience levels

Wrecks and Reefs is the itinerary for any diver wanting to see the best of the Northern Red Sea, no matter what experience level. With world class wreck dives and breath taking reef dives every day, why not take a trip to the best of both worlds.
Learn more about Whirlwind

Visit the Red Sea's Marine Parks on Hurricane
3rd May now only £1095

Big drops offs and big fish at Daedalus make this an itinerary to remember. Combined with the unique coral formations at St Johns and Fury Shoal and you have an outstanding dive holiday, far from the crowds.

Komodo Indo Aggressor
Save upto £950
Special anniversary offer
Komodo is one of Indonesia's most famous islands with the great Komodo dragon being one if the island's most well known inhabitants. Yet there is so much more to Komodo and divers should certainly take notice of this archipelago. Indonesia is recognised as having on of the most biologically diverse marinescapes and Komodo is certainly no exception. Team this with the Komodo Indo Aggressor, a modern and simply luxurious liveaboard from the world respected Aggressor Fleet, and you have a recipe for your dream diving holiday. 
Click here to find out more about Komodo Indo Aggressor

Click here for more about the Komodo itinerary

Dive the stunning Red Sea
Check out our fabulous Red Sea offers

The Egypt part of the Red Sea is home to some of the most famous dive sites in the world. Regardless of you're looking for wreck or reefs the Red Sea is a perfect destination. Scuba Travel have hand picked an exclusive range of Egyptian liveaboards and Red Sea resorts so we can offer you not only outstanding diving but also the surface side comforts that suit you.

See our Southern Red Sea Offers - on Hurricane
See our Northern Red Sea Offers - on Whirlwind
Ask about our group offers

Dive the amazing Maldives
Check out our fantastic Maldives Offers save upto £600!
Maldives liveaboard holidays have never been more affordable than with Scuba Travel's hand picked selection of boats for all budgets, with year round departures. From open plan traditional style boats to modern, luxurious liveaboards, there's a trip for you. We've got great options for individuals or groups looking for their next adventure. Or if you prefer elegant living with world class diving, then step on board our high end liveaboard holidays. Non divers and snorkellers are always welcome too!
Dive the wonderful Indonesia
Check out our latest offers
and save upto £1250!

Indonesia is home to some of the most luxurious liveaboard holidays on the planet. Scuba Travel choose our boats carefully and ensure that they are all fully capable of operating in such remote locations. This range of routings brings you closer to the mind blowing opulence and richness underwater. The corals and sponges remain untouched by human activity and the reefs are buzzing with marine life.

Introducing Jim
Scuba Travel have a new member of our sales team

Scuba Travel are delighted to introduce our new member of the sales team Jim Scarborough, a passionate diver who gained his PADI instructor certificate at only 18. Jim has a huge experience of worldwide diving along with having working at various conservation projects in the Philippines, Seychelles and Mexico. jim has a vast knowledge of Marine life and looks forward to sharing that knowledge with you.

Jim has just returned from a week in Egypt to check out Whirlwind and our Wrecks and Reefs itinerary. To say he was blown away is an understatement.
According to Jim his voice is like audible chocolate on the phone, so if you fancy giving him a call we'd like to know if you agree!

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