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Baja Mexico

The Pacific is most famous for the big fish encounters you can have diving. There is no other way to experience the thrills here without being on a Scuba Travel liveaoard. Socorro is home to giant manta that swoop in on their 7m wingtips to take as close a look at the divers as you want to get to them too. Socorro and Guadalupe are both remote diving locations, many miles travel from other scuba divers. In both locations you can experience a diving wilderness where your only goal for the day is to get close to some of the planet's most impressive marine life. Humpback whales bring their calves to the islands too. Or find yourself swimming amid Galapagos sharks, hammerheads and even the occasional tiger shark. If shark sightings rock your diving world, why not travel to Guadalupe, where great whites congregate off shore. Here cage diving gets you views of these incredible beasts. This is an experience you will never forget!

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There are distinct seasons for both Socorro liveaboards and Guadalupe liveaboards.

Socorro trips run from November to May and you can see manta for this entire season. Humpbacks start to arrive in late January and remain until early April.

The season in Guadalupe runs from August - October.

Diving Highlights

No matter which itinerary you chose, the diving is all about inspirational encounters with some of the rarest marine life in the world's oceans. Don't be statisfied with a passing glimpse or tail vanishing into the blue. Dive after dive, get close to the most magnificent creatures in the water.

  • Dive with giant manta
  • Snorkel with humpback whales and calves
  • Varied shark sightings
  • Great white cage dives
  • Strong macro photo opportunities

Scuba Travel Tips

Why not build a few nights in a city stop over in the States? We can arrange flights via a number of major US cities.

Giant Mantas of Socorro

Giant Mantas of Socorro

The Revillagigedo islands are one of Mexico's most impressive treasures. This marine park is home to droves of pelagics, making it well deserving of the nickname Mexico's Little Galapagos. It's best known residents are the giant Pacific manta, who come to be ...Read More

from £3795

Great Whites in Guadalupe

Great Whites in Guadalupe

Great white sharks are one of nature's most impressive and most awe inspiring creations. And the chance to be in the water with great whites must rank on most adventurer's wish list. If you have are brave of heart, then make a bee line for the Great Whites o ...Read More

from £3495

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