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About Argo

Argo is the latest offering from the expert Undersea Hunter group and a spectacular addition to the stunning shores of Cocos. Packed with all the latest mod cons the Argo is a one of a kind vessel to explore a completely unique region and lives up to the high standards set by the fleet - from safety to comfort, no detail has been overlooked..

At 40m, this steel hulled beauty makes light work of the sailing to and from the remote Cocos islands. With 8 cabins on board, she can sleep up to 18 people in lavish surroundings with modern furnishings and elegant artwork. All of the cabins sit below the waterline for optimum sailing comfort, flooded with light from the sky lights. Each cabin is individually furnished and all are with large en suite bathrooms. With the ability to custom mix gasses, nitrox and technical divers have not been forgotten. Favoured by film crews and professional photographers, the on board photographic facilities are top notch, while the industrious kitchen staff serve up a wide range of freshly cooked meals that will get your taste buds tingling.

The Argo mixes premium service with unparalleled diving to ensure that any trip to Cocos is unforgettable and surpasses even the highest expectations... all before you have even dipped a fin tip. Taking luxury to a new level, there could not be a better time to visit this isolated corner of the globe or a better boat from which to explore it. Let the Cocos lure you onto a dive trip filled with adventure, beauty and excitement.


2012-07-21 16:37:05

The Argo has to be one of the most fantastic liveaboards. It also takes you to the most amazing place Ė Cocos Island. Cocos Island is somewhere that is very easy to fall in love, without even going underwater. Once you put your head under the sea you really will not want to leave. You have to give yourself a bit of a reality check when you come back from a dive and say Ďthat was a bit quiet, we only saw white tips on that diveí. The problem with diving at Cocos is the number and variety of sharks. On our trip we had Hammerheads, Tiger, Galapagos, Silky, Black Tipped and White Tipped Sharks. Once you get used to seeing all the sharks, you start to notice all the other fish, and sometimes there were just too many fish to see all the sharks clearly. Argo splits the guests into two groups and the groups donít dive the same dive site at the same time. This meant it was never crowded on the dives. The liveaboards at Cocos also coordinate the diving between them so you donít see divers fro


2012-07-04 14:10:58

The Argo is one of the most luxurious boats Iíve been aboard, with a crew that exceeds its quality and certainly exceeded my expectations. Couple this with the DeepSee Submarine and you have a trip of a lifetime kind of experience. I cannot wait to return to this boat and this crew.

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