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Cocos Islands are the glittering gem in Costa Rica's Marine Parks and can only be accessed by a liveaboard holiday. Lying some 300 miles south west of the main land, this remote scuba diving destination is a haven for local wildlife, both above the water and beneath it. Hammerheads are the star attraction here and we don't mean the odd one or two. Great swarming schools of scalloped hammers visit Cocos many cleaning stations to keep in top shape. White tips pass by in giant clouds and Galapagos sharks patrol the plateaus. Manta rays, mobula and eagle rays can all be spotted here, along with the occasional whale shark to feast on the upwelling currents.

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£4095 inc. flights*

We had a fabulous trip, many thanks to all your staff who got us ready and the dive guides - such a great holiday



Argo is the latest offering from the expert Undersea Hunter group and a spectacular addition to the stunning shores of Cocos. Packed with all the latest mod cons the Argo is a one of a kind vessel to explore a completely unique region and lives up to the high standards set by the fleet - from safety ...Read More

from £4995

Wind Dancer

Wind Dancer

The Dancer Fleet are world known for the immaculate service and standards of their liveaboards... and Wind Dancer is certainly no exception. Cruising the scenic waters of Cocos Island, Wind Dancer is an extravagant 36.5m steel mono hull vessel that accommodates 20 passengers in absolute luxury. Expl ...Read More

from £4595

Undersea Hunter

Undersea Hunter

Undersea Hunter has a long and illustrious pedigree. Previous incarnations saw her work as a submarine support vessel, research vessel and a support boat for James Bond films! Completely renovated and revamped by the Undersea Hunter fleet to meet the needs of today's discerning diver, now she cruise ...Read More

from £4595

Sea Hunter

Sea Hunter

Think of a liveaboard to Cocos and you will probably think of the Undersea Hunter fleet. Sea Hunter is a part of this outstanding fleet and a luxurious a choice as you would expect from this pedigree name. This sturdy steel hulled vessel makes light work of the long sail out to Cocos. And the div ...Read More

from £4595


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Cocos can be dived all year with good conditions most of the time. May- October is a popular time of year as it boasts the warmest water but does experience a touch more rain.

Diving Highlights

Cocos is teeming with pelagic marine life, which is what attracts most divers. There reefs are rocky with some coral growth, but it is the visitors to the deep seamounts that you will most interested in:

  • Hammerheads
  • Manta & Mobula
  • Marble rays
  • Sail fish
  • False killer Whales

Top dive sites to visit: Alcyone, Dos Amigos, Dirty Rock, Manuelita, Ubing Rock

Scuba Travel Tips

Take a pair of gloves for holding onto rocks as you can experience some fast currents. A good 5mm wetsuit is also a great idea as you will inevitably encounter a few thermoclines underwater. Please make sure you return your boat waiver forms to us before you travel.

Cocos Expedition

Cocos Expedition

Cocos is a place that many divers aspire to visit... and one look over a typical week's diving soon reveals why this faraway dot on the horizon calls to divers. This is strictly a liveaboard only diving holiday and Scuba Travel work with the most exclusive fleets to make your dream Cocos liveaboard ...Read More

from £3935

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