Sea Hunter | Cocos Liveaboard Diving

Sea Hunter | Cocos Liveaboard Diving

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Sea Hunter

(Pacific - Cocos )

from: £5995 inc. flights*
  • Includes prepaid Cocos Park fee $490pp
  • Dive super shark mecca Cocos
  • Free nitrox
  • Rebreather friendly
  • Experienced Undersea Hunter fleet
Sea HunterSea HunterSea HunterSea Hunter

Think of a liveaboard to Cocos and you will probably think of the Undersea Hunter fleet. Sea Hunter is a part of this outstanding fleet and a luxurious a choice as you would expect from this pedigree name. This sturdy steel hulled vessel makes light work of the long sail out to Cocos. And the diving is well worth the journey when you get there. Jump from the custom built dive skiffs into a pelagic filled wonderland. Experience the rush of diving with vast numbers of hammerheads, Galapagos sharks, white tips, manta and eagle rays. Nothing quite compares to Cocos or the attentive and welcoming service you will receive on board Sea Hunter.

Sea Hunter sleeps a total of 20 guests and was completely remodelled in 2011 to create 2 double suites on the upper deck with private TV. The remaining cabins are twin or double beds and all are en suite. Cabins have plenty of storage and AC to keep you cool. The main deck is where the real action takes place though. Here you will find the massive dive deck, with a dedicated area for camera charging and set ups. The lounge is spacious as is the sun deck upstairs, where you will also find the BBQ - perfect at the end of a cruise to celebrate the trip of a lifetime! The crew work tirelessly throughout the boat to ensure your experience on board is as perfect as it could be, from the 5 star dining to the warm towels on the dive deck.

The diving is what draws people to Cocos and it will not disappoint. Most diving is done from one of the 3 tender vessels. 2 of these are heavy bottomed and purposefully designed to carry everyone's dive kit without crowding. There are never more than 9 divers in each vessel. Let the experienced skiff hands drop you in exactly the right place each and every time! Nitrox is free of charge too on board so you can really maximise your time at depth playing with hammerheads, rays and Galapagos sharks to name but a few of the sights. Dive through endless schools of jacks and snapper or just float as the whole scene unfolds before your eyes.


  • Cabins: 10
  • Guests: 20
  • Ensuite Cabins: Yes
  • Individual A/C: Yes
  • Mini bar: No


  • Guides: 2
  • Tenders: 3
  • Compressors: 2
  • Nitrox: Yes
  • Rebreather Friendly: Yes
  • Charging Stations: Yes


  • Length: 36m
  • Breadth: 8.1m
  • Engines: 2xGM
  • Generators: 3
  • Construction Material: Steel
  • Desalaination: 1800gal/day

Camera Facilities

  • Study on board with computer for viewing and editing. Personal lockers near dive deck for storage with 110 and 220V personal charging stations


08 March 2012

This was a really terrific trip. While inevitably expensive due to the distances involved, it still could be described as good value for money. We dived among Hammerheads (Lots) - Galapagos Sharks - Tiger Sharks - Manatas and we had about 20 minutes close alongside a 9 metre Whale Shark. SEA HUNTER is a delightful boat and the Costa Rican Crew were great fun and very professional. For a 70 year old diver, the comfort and ease of diving from their skifs was much appreciated. Being the only Brit among Brazilians,Chinese, Czechs,French & Georgians was most enjoyable and many an incomprehensible laugh was had by one and all!!! David

08 July 2011

Thanks to Avi, Wilson and the ENTIRE crew of the Sea Hunter for sharing their knowledge of and love for the treasure that is Cocos Island. To be able to repeatedly dive with the hammerhead, white tip, and Galapagos sharks was truly amazing even with the challenging visibility. The panga excursions combined with the hikes to the waterfall and around Chatham Bay brought to life the stories of others who have explored this unique and special place before us, as well as, an appreciation for the other wildlife that call this place home. An added bonus was the opportunity to travel 1000 below in the custom-built DeepSee submersible with Avi. Truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Leslie Ross

08 July 2011

My third trip to Cocos, and certainly not my last. Nothing but praises to the crew, the boat and the Undersea Group diving operation that is rightfully regarded as the best diving operation on the planet. Ilan Cohen

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