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(Red Sea - Egypt )

from: £895 inc. flights*
  • Exclusive - only 12 divers!
  • Luxurious & spacious
  • Nitrox available
  • Experienced crew
  • Part of Tornado Marine Fleet


Tempest is an exclusive Red Sea liveaboard run by the award winning Tornado Marine Fleet. She might be smaller than some of her sister ships, but she packs a big punch and is a well beloved liveaboard in the Northern Red Sea. Perfect if you want a friendly atmosphere with the comfort of a larger vessel, meeting the same high standards you would expect of a modern Red Sea liveaboard.

It's no wonder Tempest has been such a popular liveaboard to cruise on. At 25m from bow to stern, Tempest sleeps only 12 guests. Ideal if you like lots of space on the dive deck or sun deck! The 6 cabins are are all en suite with shower, individual AC and ample storage for all your goodies. There are an additional 2 upper deck cabins which are not en suite. All the cabins are bright and airy with modern decor.

The saloon and dining area is well equipped with a bar, stereo system and a large plasma screen to view the day's footage or to sit back and enjoy a movie. There are plenty of charging stations around the saloon as well as in each cabin. Both sun lovers and those who prefer the shade will find a spot to relax in. The dive deck is thoughtfully laid out with kiting up room for all. Nitrox is available on board. If you are looking for an exclusive liveaboard then make a beeline for Tempest.


  • Cabins: 6
  • Guests: 12
  • Ensuite Cabins: Yes
  • Individual A/C: Yes
  • Mini bar: No


  • Guides: 1
  • Tenders: 1
  • Compressors: 2 x K14
  • Nitrox: Yes
  • Rebreather Friendly: No
  • Charging Stations: Yes


  • Length: 25m
  • Breadth: 7m
  • Engines: 2 x 400 HP
  • Generators: 3 x 75 KW
  • Construction Material: Wood
  • Desalaination: 8 ton capacity

Camera Facilities

  • 1 x rinse tank & charging stations (2 pin European plugs)



11 September 2014

In the past i have dived on the larger boats, but the tempest lived up to my expectations and was not found wanting. Mark J

11 September 2014

I absolutely love Tempest. The smaller boat means less chance of crowding, it is more intimate and gentler than the big boats. The crew genuinely become like family after a couple of days, and there are less names to remember! Also it is easier to make sure everyone gets the diving they want. The cabins are comfortable and well serviced. The sitting areas just the right size and you feel you can have real conversations rather than groups sitting apart from each other on the bigger boats. Gill McDonald

11 September 2014

I usually book onto larger boats but Tempest works really well. The cabins are compact but comfortable and the food tasty and plentiful. Diane Harper

11 September 2014

What can i say, as a non-diver, a truly wonderful experience, a mini cruise round Egypt. My partner and myself were dropped of on Gubal island to snorkel, my favourite place ever. Michelle Cleaver

02 September 2014

Food has been great, lots of fruit and salad which is good. Variety throughout the week has been good, always something different and the soups with dinner are brilliant. Ian

02 September 2014

The crew were excellent. Always happy to help and always careful with camera kit when getting back on the rib or the boat. Dive guide did a fantastic job. Briefings were thorough and clear. Sarah

02 September 2014

The guides were excellent. They gave full briefings, and were accommodating underwater; ever mindful that we were taking photographs. The crew were also excellent and particularly efficient in making sure Everyone participated in briefings and meals. Nick

02 September 2014

Each day has been a special occasion for me. This was my first Live Aboard, and my first diving in this part of the Red Sea so each site was a first time. I am extremely grateful to Sarah who generously loaned me her spare Canon S95 and housing as my housing flooded and camera died on Day 2 and to Duxy who worked his magic and made my INON strobe fittings it Sarah's housing. THANK YOU!!!! Carrie

08 August 2014

Just thought I would drop you a brief line regarding our trip on Tempest just to say thank you for sending Wynn and Rowan over to teach the kids. They were brilliant and did the job so well. They were suitable rewarded with copious amounts of beer on the last night as no doubt you know!! David Bennett

21 October 2013

Great dives, loved the dive on the deep wall on shark and Yolanda. Visibility was great, saw a lot of large moray eels along the wall. There were also a few crocodile fish camouflaged into the sand. Night dive was great too, very funny seeing the lion fish using the light of the torch to hunt for food. Steven Brown

02 July 2012

Excellent. Perfect size for the group. Comfortable cabins with useful storage space and great sized bathrooms, drinks on tap, practical charging stations for batteries, lovely sun deck etc. Very professional captain also, who had a wonderful air of calm competence and applied it all the way. Peter

21 July 2010

The staff member Hamassa was excellent, prompt with the food serving, attention to detail and he went the extra mile to assist! Mustaffa stood ready to help with our gear, before and after the dives, much appreciated! The cooks did a great job with the food! Anon

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