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Not all Galapagos liveaboards are created equal. For that ultimate scuba diving holiday in this unparalleled destination Scuba Travel have combined forces with the most luxurious liveaboards that can visit those must see dive sites. A Galapagos liveaboard gives you the freedom to roam the seas around these smoldering islands in search of the pelagic encounters that have made the Galapagos such a must see choice for scuba divers. From the 5 star service and stylish, welcoming decor to the fine dining served up from the comfort of the plush saloon, today's liveaboard experience will not disappoint. Step into a world that has changed little since Darwin's time and find an underwater world teeming with breath taking encounters.


Galapagos Movie

Galapagos diving movie

The wildlife above the waves is remarkable, but surely is outshone by what waits beneath. The Galapagos is most famous for its sharks. The deep sea mounts are thick with schooling hammerheads, whilst the submerged craters of long extinct volcanos have become homes and cleaning stations for grey reefs, white tips and Galapagos sharks. Manta and whalesharks journey here to feed on the plankton rich waters while dolphin hunt tuna, barracuda and snapper. Sea lions and fur seals get in on the action, twisting and turning as they chase their prey. Between dives try out snorkeling with iguana. No need to pinch yourself back on the boat at the end of the day. The marine life really is that phenomenal and its just another day in the Galapagos.

Prices from:

£4995 inc. flights*

Just to say thanks for organising our trip again we have had the best time ever. I will use Scuba Travel again... you are fantastic!

Deep Blue

Deep Blue

There is no place on earth quite like the Galapagos. Deep Blue is the very latest in liveaboard luxury, built in 2002 she has every convenience a scuba diver in the Galapagos could more here

Galapagos Aggressor

Galapagos Aggressor

Dive the iconic Galapagos islands from the modern Galapagos Aggressor 3 for the trip of a lifetime. more here

Galapagos Sky

Galapagos Sky

Diving holidays in Galapagos are truly legend and the Galapagos Sky is recognised as one of the very best Liveaboards worldwide. With land extensions possible, there is no end to the wonder of the more here

There is not a wrong time of year to go to the Galapagos with most of its famous residents being found all year round in abundance. However, April - November is generally best for more whalehshark sightings where are December - April is better for rays. The weather will be a bit warmer during the UK winter months.

Diving Highlights

The Galapagos is a veritable tick list of top sightings. Here you will find just about everything you have ever wanted to see... and then some. Top spots include:

  • Hammerheads
  • Galapagos Sharks
  • Manta & eagle rays
  • Whalesharks
  • Sea lions
  • Iguana

Top dive sites to visit: Darwin, Wolf, Gordon's Rock, Cousin Rock, Shark Bay

Scuba Travel Tips

Let us prepay for your park fees, chamber tax and transit card to save time on arrival in San Cristobel. Don't forget to fill your boat waiver forms in well in advance for this trip. Allow yourself time to explore a bit more than just the liveaboard. You can add nights in Quito, stay in the Galapagos islands or go into the jungle!

Galapagos Expedition

Galapagos Expedition

The Galapagos have earned a mighty reputation as one of the ultimate liveaboard diving destinations and not without reason. This low-lying volcanic chain was not only Darwin's inspiration. It is home to diving the like of which you cannot find elsewhere on the planet. The marine life is completely more here

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