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You can visit Palau from land.. but why not take the plunge and go for a Palau liveaboard... A diving destination as sumptuous as Palau demands that extra attention and with our liveaboards, you are guaranteed a luxurious scuba diving holiday that you will not forget. Float away into a diving paradise on the most exclusive liveaboards and let Palau's magic work on you. A liveaboard holiday will get you to dive sites few others can access. Dive groups are kept small so you get more attention in the water. Your every creature comfort is on board, from the well stocked post dive bar to entertainment and sound systems. There has never been a more enjoyable way to experience the thrills of scuba diving in Palau .

Palau has something to offer every kind of diver. Fish lover or wreck enthusiast, the itineraries are varied and will get you to the best dive sites. With up to 6 dives daily too, you will be spoilt for choice. The must see sites include the Blue Holes, Peleliu Wall and Expressway or Chandelier Cave, where great stalagmites cling to the cave ceiling. Helmet Wreck, Jake Seaplane and the Teshio Maru are just some of the wrecks that are equally unmissable. But no matter where you dive you are sure to find pristine reefs blossoming with hard and soft corals. The fish life is abundant on the wrecks and reefs. Or grab your snorkel for a trip to the famous jellyfish lake, where vast swathes of stingless jellyfish follow the sunlight across the lake. There is genuinely no diving holiday that quite compares to the Palau liveaboard experience - this is a holiday you will not want to ever end.

Prices from:

£2945 inc. flights*

Just back from a fantastic holiday in the Palau.....Couldn't of had a better time the choice of dive sites and the quality of the boat first class

Ocean Hunter 1

Ocean Hunter 1

Ocean Hunter 1 stands out as the pioneer dive boat in Palau. Long before others had discovered this remote island nation, Ocean Hunter 1 was sailing the seas and identifying pristine dive more here

Ocean Hunter 3

Ocean Hunter 3

No one knows Palau and her many waterways quite like the Ocean Hunter team. Ocean Hunter 3 was born out of 25 years experience running liveaboards and will meet the needs of even the most discerning more here

Solitude One

Solitude One

Solitude 1 redefines luxury liveaboards in Palau - dive this diverse destination for the trip of a more here

Tropic Dancer

Tropic Dancer

The Dancer fleet is synonymous with quality and in Palau they hit the mark once again with the Tropic Dancer. Together the Tropic Dancer and diving in Palau are an irresistible more here

Traditionally there are 2 seasons in Palau - a wet (July-November) and dry (December-June) season - but this is changing and you can experience a bit of both in a single trip as this is a tropical destination. Even in the 'wet season' you will still be able to dive. Palau lies well outside of typhoon ranges.

Diving Highlights

Thanks to the island formations and currents, pelagic are in abundance here but there are also some quite unique inhabitants to this remote region:

  • Grey reef, black tip & white tip sharks
  • Leatherback, loggerhead and hawskbill turtles
  • Bumphead parrot fish
  • Dolphin
  • Dugong
  • Wreck diving

Top dive sites to visit: Blue Holes, Blue Corner, German Channel, Chandelier Cave, Peleliu Expressway, Jellyfish lake.

Scuba Travel Tips

A trip to the Jellyfish lake or Peleliu battlefield are recommended and quite unique. Make sure you apply for the American visa ESTA before travel as this is necessary to go through Guam. Palau combines well with a trip to Yap or Truk if you want to add a bit of manta or wreck diving into your holiday.

Palau Discovery

Palau Discovery

Palau is a distant land filled with adventure. The best way to see as much as possible of this idyllic destination is from the decks of a liveaboard. So jump aboard the Palau Discovery for a dive holiday with distinction. Submerse yourself in an underwater cave or snorkel with stingfree jellyfish more here

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