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Sri Lanka Liveaboards

Forget day diving in Sri Lanka - most day boats operate on the west coast and until very recently, the eastern side and Bay of Bengal were closed to divers. Today however you can not only experience for yourself virgin dive sites of the east, but from the comfort of a premium liveaboard, carefully selected by Scuba Travel for it's comfort, safety and professionalism. Only from a liveaboard can you experience the incredible wealth of wreck and reef dives together with the chance to snorkel with blue whales and dolphins in their hundreds.

The Ceylon Discovery is a flexible itinerary to allow you to get the most from your holiday in Sri Lanka. As pioneers in this region, your liveaboard will carefully blend must see highlights such as the Hermes and Basses with new, undived sites. Throw into this the whale encounters and it becomes clear why Sri Lanka is one of the hottest destinations for divers.

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Scuba Travel are off for our first exploratory trip in June 2011 - Check back to see how we got on

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Whilst you can dive in Sri Lanka all year the seasonal monsoons means where you dive will change with the seasons. Scuba Travel's trips run from April to August, when you have the best chances to combine hot wreck dives with blue whale encounters. Water temperatures are constant all year round at a wonderful 28-29 degrees. .

Diving Highlights

The diving in Sri Lanka is typically on rocky reefs but this does not deter the fish life. Alongside the groupers and snapper you often find a range of rays, morays and box fish. Macro life is also good here with a fine selection of nudibranch and crabs to hunt out.

  • Virgin wreck dives around Batticoloa
  • Technical dives on the HMS Hermes
  • Dive the exposed lighthouses at the Basses
  • Snorkel with blue whales
  • Watch pods of hundreds (if not thousands) of dolphin spin and play

Top dive sites to visit: HMS Hermes, Great Basses, Small Grouper Rock, Boiler Wreck.

Scuba Travel Tips

Why not combine a trip to Sri Lanka with time in the Maldives for the ultimate diving holiday.

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