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Truk Lagoon

In 1944 the Japaneese fleet lost 60 ships and 260 airplanes over two days in Truk Lagoon. As a result Truk Lagoon has become is the holy grail of wreck diving and the definitive scuba diving destination if you are looking for the ultimate wreck diving holiday. And having traveled all that way, be sure to dive all the hot wrecks that this remote location has to offer from the decks of a Truk liveaboard. Put your holiday in the hands of the experts at Scuba Travel and experience total dive freedom. Regardless if you go on a Liveaboard or a Resort, in truk Lagoon, you can enjoy unadulterated relaxation and mind blowing wreck diving all day long. No matter if you are a new recreational diver or seasoned technical diver, Scuba Travel's Truk liveaboard holidays will take your wreck diving to a whole new level!

Prices from:

£4695 inc. flights*

Everything went like clockwork, we really had a great time, thanks once again for all your help



There is no doubt about it - Truk is best seen from a liveaboard. To have the freedom to roam from wreck to wreck is a privilege in this startling and beautifully remote region. And when it comes to liveaboards, the Odyssey represents the creme de la ...Read More

from £4995

Truk Lagoon Dive Centre & Truk Stop Hotel

Truk Lagoon Dive Centre & Truk Stop Hotel

Truk Lagoon is a wreck diving paradise, surrounded by thousands of islands and an inviting aquamarine sea. It is the lagoon's historic role in the Second World War that has propelled the tiny state of Truk into diving legend. Beneath the waters lie ...Read More

from £2450 includes 7 nights (room only), transfers, flights and 5 days diving package 2 dives per day


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This is an excellent year round destination (the wrecks don't go anywhere!). Normally the dry season is from December to April and April to December is a wetter season. The outside weather is pretty constant all year at a lovely 28 with the water temperature a degree warmer.

Diving Highlights

The wrecks speak from themselves here and are the undeniable star of the show. Drop down onto these brilliant World war 2 wrecks:

  • Cruisers & tankers complete with cargo in holds/ on deck
  • Airplane wreckage
  • Submarines
  • Photogenic wreck shots
  • Shark dive (pizzion reef)

Top dive sites to visit: San Francisco Maru, Betty Bomber, Nippo Maru Fujikawa Maru

Scuba Travel Tips

Truk combines well with a trip to Yap or Palau if you want to add a bit of reef diving into your holiday. Make sure you apply for the American visa ESTA before travel as this is necessary to go through Guam. Don't forget to take some USD cash with you, especially for the departure tax ($20)

Truk Lagoon Expedition

Truk Lagoon Expedition

Truk Lagoon is a magical place but hard to pinpoint on a map. Hidden away in the Pacific Truk was catapulted into dive legend by Jacques Cousteau, who was the first to show the world the incredible wreck diving that could be found here. Today Truk continues to ...Read More

from £4995

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