Monty Halls Lost Worlds

Monty Halls Lost Worlds

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Monty Halls Lost Worlds

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  • Exclusive expeds with limited spaces
  • Acclaimed presenter with five BBC series
  • Widely pulished in magazine & books
  • Marine biologist
Monty Halls Lost WorldsMonty Halls Lost Worlds

Royal Marine, biologist, presenter, speaker, diver, explorer... Monty Halls is a familiar face to scuba divers and non divers alike. In the past decade he has earned a reputation for his love of all things outdoors. With prestigious presenting credits such as Great Ocean Adventures and the Fisherman's Apprentice under his belt, Monty is clearly passionate about exploring and preserving our seas. Notable expeditions have included the discovery of a sunken city in India or photographing crocodiles in Central America. He also closely with the Shark Trust. And you often find him at dive shows (including on the Scuba Travel talks stage in 2014), in magazines, in one of his several books, talking with great enthusiasm about his latest jaw dropping escapades.

2015 sees the begging of a new adventure as Monty teams up with Scuba Travel to launch a series of thrilling escorted holidays. Do you share Monty's love for the unexplored? Then take a closer look at the Lost Worlds holiday series, all escorted by Monty Halls himself. In a shrinking world, the Lost World's holidays will make it possible to be amongst the first to experience a wreck or dive site first hand. Sail the seas, dive new and undiscovered gems, come face to face with a forgotten past. This is what being a dive pioneer is all about!


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47N 52W

Do you love adventure? Do you long to get off the beaten track on an expedition that promises once in a lifetime experiences? Then make sure you secure a space on Monty's Lost Worlds 47N 52W team. This expedition is explorato...

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