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Canada might seem an unusual choice for a scuba diving holiday, but this wild wonderland hides away one of undisputed best wreck diving destinations, as well as the friendliest dive resort in North America. Embark on a diving holiday to Newfoundland for unique World War 2 wreck diving and massive marine life to boot. Tucked away in Conception Bay South, our Newfoundland dive resort boasts quick access to the Bell Island Wrecks, humpback whales and iceberg dives. And with the creature comforts of a resort based holiday, there is plenty to impress even the hardiest of divers. The lodge is fully kitted out for self catering with a sauna and spa on site as well. There are nearby restaurants or even an inhouse chef if you want to relax completely. The scenery above the water is as stunning as any tropical location as thee the land dramatically gives way to the Atlantic Ocean. Watch the sun set over a crimson sky or enjoy a sauna in the warmth of the lodge.

Diving in Newfoundland has a well deserved reputation for the sheer size and scale of what awaits here. The precarious waters that surround Newfoundland have been the cause of many a shipping mishap and Newfoundland's strategic position in the Second World War made it an obvious target. Beneath the waves are a wreck diver's delight as ships through the ages have sunk to a watery end. In the clear water there are the mighty Bell Island wrecks, upright, intact and incredibly well reserved in the cool water. Or why not spend a day out on the boat looking for diveable icebergs? Nor should divers forget the serious marine action. Humpbacks, minkes are just two of the 22 whale species that feast on the nutrient rich water streaming through. Stop for a minute to appreciate the undeniable beauty of these behemoths, the icebergs and wrecks that define Newfoundland as the place to head for cold water divers.

Prices from:

£3350 inc. flights*

The wrecks are world class and the people are so helpful and friendly, thanks for a great holiday!


We are in the process of researching and adding new liveaboards to this destination. Please back check later.

Ocean Quest Newfoundland

Ocean Quest Newfoundland

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from £2225 Based on (B&B) 7nights, transfers, flts, 5 days wreck diving


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You can actually dive the wrecks all year round but the main season starts in May until October. This is when the water is at it's warmest. Icebergs pass Conception Bay anytime from May to mid July. If you want to see humpbacks, they normally appear off the shores from mid July to September. Air temperatures are warm and sunny in the mid 20s during the summer months too!

Diving Highlights

It is the big stuff that defines Newfoundland. The wrecks are huge, the humpbacks incredible and icebergs no less impressive!

  • 2nd World War Wrecks in pristine condition
  • Snorkel with humpbacks
  • Dive around icebergs
  • Good marine life on coldwater reef dives

Top dive sites to visit: The SS Saganaga, the Lord Strathcona, the Rosecastle, PLM, The Clapper, Whale graveyard, scalloping in Dildo

Scuba Travel Tips

You don't need to take a dry suit with you as Ocean Quest can rent one. It is worth adding some extra time in after diving to explore the land activities - this is a gorgeous island with loads to see. Non divers will have plenty to see and do in the neighbouring area.

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from £3350

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