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The Caymans is one of the Caribbean's most popular island nations for UK divers. Direct flights make getting there a breeze and the laid back atmosphere has such charm that within moments of landing, you will feel the stress leave you. Scuba Travel have hand picked several resorts that have Caribbean charm, all the facilities you could need to feel at home and of course, access to the best diving in the area. Leave behind you the huge chains and gaggles of tourists and let Scuba Travel introduce you to some of the true treasures in the Caymans.

Scuba diving in the Caymans is as varied as it could be! To the east side you have the Cobalt Coast located to the north right on the edge of the island's drop offs. This far north you can find walls to thrill as well as dive (or snorkel!) the Kittiwake, Stingray City and the scenic reef shallows. To the west side you find dive sites that are far less dived, in pristine condition and all with alluring names (who can resist a dive on Gigglin Marlin or Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo). There are also several caverns and cave systems that are well worth checking out. Head over to Little Cayman and the underwater scape changes again. Here you find undeveloped lagoons, mangrove forests and salt ponds. Nurse sharks, morays in every colour, reef sharks and eagle rays are all seen.

Prices from:

£3195 inc. flights*

Lovely easy diving, plenty of sunshine and a beautiful clear blue sea. We had a great trip to the Caymans, Thank you!

The Caymans Island generally experience little rainfall all year round, enjoying a balmy tropical climate. But there are 2 main seasons to be aware of when planning your Caymans holiday. The wet season runs from May to November and the dry season December to April. There is not too much temperature difference between the 2 seasons and even during the wet season, rain is not guaranteed.

From July - October there is the hurricane season that sweeps through the whole Caribbean. Generally the Caymans are fortunate to rarely be right in the path of a hurricane as they often turn north before reaching the islands. But we do advise you consider the timing of your trip carefully to ensure the conditions are just right for you!

Diving Highlights

The diving is really quite different as you move around the Caymans but one thing is guaranteed to follow you wherever you go - the astounding viz. Seas are also generally quite flat, allowing you to get out more and enjoy the dives, be it shallow and pretty, dramatic on a drop off or checking out the overhangs and caverns. :

  • Eagle rays
  • Caribbean reef sharks
  • Colourful sponge formations
  • Myriad of morays
  • Turtles everywhere

Top dive sites to visit: Grand Cayman - Eden Rock, Stingray City, Dragon's Lair, Tarpon Alley. the Kittiwake, Little Cayman - Blacktip Boulevard, Cumber's Caves, EagleRay Roundup

Scuba Travel Tips

You really with need plenty suncream during the day and make sure you try the local rum cake. Get out and about to explore the rum factory, iguana reserve and botanical gardens on any dry days.

Cobalt Coast Resort and Divetech

Cobalt Coast Resort and Divetech

The Cobalt Coast Resort has been in operation since 2000 and in this time generated a loyal customer base of dedicated divers and sun worshippers alike. One dive holiday to this superb Caymans resort and you will be hooked too! The beautiful azure waters are ideal for all experience levels, the more here

Compass Point & Ocean Frontier

Compass Point & Ocean Frontier

Hidden in the sleepy village of East End, Grand Cayman, you will find the dedicated dive resort Compass Point and Ocean Frontiers. Together this indomitable duo offer a relaxing ambience with the convenience of your own private jetty, dive centre and access to world class Caribbean reefs. Here more here

Little Cayman Beach Resort & Reef Divers

Little Cayman Beach Resort & Reef Divers

The Little Cayman Beach resort welcome each and every diver to the tiny island of Little Cayman in true Caribbean style. The resort has been lovingly designed to be the ideal compliment to the incredible reefs underwater. Experience for yourself a Caribbean dive holiday that has had the likes of more here

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