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From above, Palau is a lush green punctuation mark set on an endless ocean - clearly this is a destination created for scuba diving! Made up of over 100 islands, Palau is famous for its incredible diving holidays and a regular feature on most divers' top 10. But it is also home to luxurious and opulent dive resorts where your every whim is catered for. The Palau dive resorts are an unbeatable choice if you want to enjoy some of the other island activities, as well as logging awesome dives along the way. Scuba Travel have hand picked a selection of premiere hotels in Palau that live up to our high standards. From your hotel room you step into paradise. This island archipelago boasts white sandy beaches lapped by stunning azure waters making it a romantic choice or ideal getaway for a special occasion. Take a stroll through the landscaped gardens or relax in the spa with a well deserved massage or treatment. Tennis courts and gyms are on site if you are feeling active. Or simply sit back and enjoy the warm welcome and inspirational view.

Yet no trip to Palau would be complete without experiencing the dive sites that have made this tiny island string so well known. This is a destination with something for every diver. There are daring drop offs where you will find grey reefs and white tip sharks and sandy bottoms where leopard sharks rest. Manta can be seen passing in the blue. There are also wrecks - dive on the Japanese fleet that was sunk here during the Second World War. The reefs are pristine and packed with huge sea fans, twisting whip corals and bright soft corals. Living amongst the coral gardens are reef fish of every shape and size. Friendly napoleons cruise the reef tops whilst morays snap from holes in the wall. The diving is guaranteed to thrill each time you descend and with our expertise, your dream holiday is only a phone call away.

Prices from:

£2575 inc. flights*

This is an incredible place, forget all of your other diving experiences and visit Palau

Traditionally there are 2 seasons in Palau - a wet (July-November) and dry (December-June) season - but this is changing and you can experience a bit of both in a single trip as this is a tropical destination. Even in the 'wet season' you will still be able to dive. Palau lies well outside of typhoon ranges.

Diving Highlights

Thanks to the island formations and currents, pelagic are in abundance here but there are also some quite unique inhabitants to this remote region:

  • Grey reef, black tip & white tip sharks
  • Leatherback, loggerhead and hawskbill turtles
  • Bumphead parrot fish
  • Dolphin
  • Wreck diving

Top dive sites to visit: Blue Holes, Blue Corner, German Channel, Chandelier Cave, Peleliu Expressway, Jellyfish lake.

Scuba Travel Tips

A trip to the Jellyfish lake or Peleliu battlefield are recommended and quite unique. Make sure you apply for the American visa ESTA before travel as this is necessary to go through Guam. Palau combines well with a trip to Yap or Truk if you want to add a bit of manta or wreck diving into your holiday.

Palau Pacific Resort & Fish n Fins

Palau Pacific Resort & Fish n Fins

If you are looking for a completely luxurious resort, then there is no better choice than the Palau Pacific resort. This is 5 star accommodation in a beautiful and sumptuous location and only a short transfer from both the airport and jetty. Staying here will suit even the most discerning diver and more here

Palau Royal Resort & Fish n Fins

Palau Royal Resort & Fish n Fins

The Palau Royal Resort is a 4 star experience on the island of Malakal, Koror. With only a short transfer between the airport and your hotel, you arrive at your dream destination speedily after landing. With plenty of on site facilites, this is an excellent choice for non divers and families or for more here

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