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Sardinia Dive Resorts

If you want to see all that a Sardinian holiday has to offer both above the water and below it then Scuba Travel's dive resort is the right option for your next scuba diving holiday! Spend your days enjoying some of the best Mediterranean diving there is and once the diving is done, kick back and enjoy a BBQ on the terrace as the sun sets over brilliant blue sea. For dry days, you will find a host of land activities to compliment your scuba diving adventures. Take a tour round the walled city or relax on the beach. Non divers and families will not be bored. And all of this is just a couple of hours from the UK... which means Sardinia and Capo Galera have all the right ingredients for a holiday that ticks all the boxes.

Underwater, Sardinia is filled with treasures. The water is calm and snorkelers too can splash in at most sites. The visibility is excellent and as you float mid water, there are caves, overhangs and wrecks to explore. The Lake of Caves is one of the most unique features whilst Ghost's cave will get your nerve tingling with excitement. The cliffs of Punta Giglio and Capo Caccia drop away so you can meander through the topography. Take a look at the orange and yellow corals or sponges. Eagle rays can be seen alongside barracuda. Or peek under a rock to find lobster, morays and great macro life. There are so many dive sites that a fresh adventure is certain each time you take the plunge.

Prices from:

£1095 inc. flights*

The service of the staff from the boat crew to the restaurant was top notch - a great all round diving holiday

Sardinia enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate with 300 days of sunshine on average each year. It is perhaps most popular to visit in the summer months but you can dive anytime from April until early November. If you are looking to travel during the school holidays it is advised to plan in advance your trips. The climate and activities do make this a brilliant option for families and non divers.

Diving Highlights

Sardinia boasts some excellent Mediterranean marine life, with a lot to look for on the walls, but perhaps what sets it apart the most are the caves and overhangs. Many are suitable for divers with no formal cavern or cave diving right through to more experienced divers.

  • Barracuda
  • Eagle rays
  • Lobster
  • Morays
  • Cave diving (all levels)

Top dive sites to visit: Lake of Caves, Ghost's Caves, Galathea, Punto Cristallo, Il Porticato

Scuba Travel Tips

This is a flexible holiday where you can dive all week or mix and match with shore based activities. A hire car is useful though if you plan to explore the island more or go inland. Alghero has great shopping and is well worth a day trip.

Capo Galera Dive Resort

Capo Galera Dive Resort

Sardinia is only 2 and a half hours from the UK which makes it a wonderful choice for a quick getaway. Drive away from the city of Alghero into the sunbrushed Sardinian countryside and you are en route to discover one of this island's best kept secrets - Capo Galera Dive Resort. A mere 15 minutes more here

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