Wrecks and Icebergs | Dive Newfoundland

Wrecks and Icebergs | Dive Newfoundland

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Wrecks and Icebergs

(Atlantic - Canada )

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  • Pristine war wrecks
  • Fully guided tours
  • Off the beaten track
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Wrecks and IcebergsWrecks and IcebergsWrecks and Icebergs


Newfoundland is the up and coming cold water destination for divers and the Wrecks and Iceberg tour combines two of the area's most alluring underwater spectacles - pristine war wrecks and floating icebergs. The Bell Island wrecks need to be seen to be believed and are in such remarkable condition that multiple dives on each are a must. Combine this with the chance to get face to face with one of the area's most impressive natural wonders - the icebergs - and you have a week to remember. Set your taste for adventure free on a diving tour quite unlike any other.

Oxygene Newfoundland are true professionals when it comes to exploring this region. They have year's of experience diving all around Newfoundland and know the waterways inside out. The only dive centre to dive the Bell Island wrecks, Oxygene Newfoundland have logged literally thousands of dives on these huge vessels. They have even won a national award recognising their excellence and commitment. Yet this dedicated team would be the first to say this is a part of the world where divers can always find some new spectacle to admire. Profoundly passionate about showing visiting divers just what makes Newfoundland so special, you are guaranteed the trip of a lifetime in their safe hands with a lot of laughs along the way.

The Bell Island wrecks are reminders of Newfoundland's critical role in the Second World War. Iron ore transporters, these 4 boats were at anchor when struck by U boat torpedoes. They now lie upright on the sea bed within recreational dive limits and only a 45 minute sail from the Ocean Quest Lodge. Few divers have ventured here and the wrecks are in astounding condition. Over the years they have been colonised by swathes of marine life. Dive down and see the boards, masts, ladders and winches all waiting. The rear mounted guns are reminiscent of other world war wrecks and a real highlight, as are the portholes, radio boxes and tea cups. The scope and wealth of the wrecks makes multiple dives a must on this itinerary. Then take a day to travel with the RIB out track down icebergs. Float next to these astonishing icy giants from the comfort of the boat as they creak and crack their way past Newfoundland. There is no doubt about it, on the Wreck and Iceberg tour, you have a dive holiday that stands out. This is a diving holiday with distinction.

Diving Information

  • Experience: Advanced
  • Min. Logged Dives: 30
  • No. Dives Included: 10
  • Dive Boat: Hard boat
  • Tanks: 12ltr
  • Nitrox: Yes


  • Season: May - Jun
  • Air Temp: 2 - 20 C
  • Water Temp: 2 - 12 C
  • Visability: 10 - 30m
  • Max Group Size: 12


  • Mandatory
    Dive computer, safety sausage
  • Recommended
    Drysuit, torch

Not Included

  • Please enquire at time of booking

Required Documents

  • Logbook & Certification card, Diving Insurance and Diving Medical


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This is an example itinerary and shows what you can expect to visit on a typical Wrecks and Iceberg itinerary. The schedule is subject to change according to prevailing weather conditions.

Day 1
On arrival in St. Johns you will be transferred to the Ocean Quest Lodge and get ready for the first days diving the next day

Day 2
Departing from the dive centre at about 8:30 you will be taken to the nearby marina (5 minutes) and get on board. After kitting up and reaching Bell Island (approx 45 minutes) the check dive is planned for the PLM, the shallowest of the 4 wrecks. Make sure you include the prop and torpedo damage. A second dive can be made on the PLM to include the bow section and rope holds.

Day 3
The second day of diving will be split between the Lord Strathcona and and Saganaga. These are perhaps the 2 most picturesque of the wrecks and are packed with marine life as well as a radio station inside the Saganaga. The large holds are atmospheric and worth exploring. Traveling to the stern there is a rear mounted anti aircraft gun. Follow the anchor chain on the Saganaga as it snakes across the decks.

Day 4
This is a great time to head out in the RIB to track down passing icebergs. The RIB is loaded up to the bus and you will be taken to the best spots for finding icebergs. When one is found that is diveable, you can splash in to see the iceberg from underwater. Depending on the iceberg, you may also be able to climb up onto the ice shelf and pose for some unique pictures!

Day 5
This is the perfect day to dive the Rosecastle, the deepest of the 4 wrecks and in near perfect condition. A second dive is needed to really see the main highlights of the wreck which includes the intact super structure.

Day 6
This is the final day of diving and the opportunity to repeat any of the Bell Island wrecks or to take look at 2 whaling ships that were sunk closer to land and still carry an (unloaded) harpoon gun!

Day 7
This is a rest day and chance for some sightseeing around St Johns. Why not add a day trip to the stunning Terra Nova National Park to take in the view, go hiking or even try your hand at some sea kayaking (local charges apply)

Day 8
The transfer is made to catch your return flight back to the UK.

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