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Indonesia Dive Tours & Safaris

Indonesia is a scuba diving paradise, full of adventure and diversity. And now thanks to our Indonesian scuba diving tours, you can see more than ever on a single diving holiday. As you move from site to site you experience all the highlights to give you the best of both worlds - mind blowing diving and excursions on land. There is surely no better way to explore this island nation and get blowing bubbles. The topography and countryside is stunningly beautiful with verdant mountain views and volcano peaks giving way to the starling blue seas and sun baked beaches. The local people you encounter are welcoming and oh so friendly. The food is renowned for the fresh tastes and delicious meals. See more than your average diving holiday and leave with a real taste of alluring Indonesia.

Indonesia is growing rapidly in reputation for scuba diving. A myriad of seas and oceans intersect around Indonesia's shores, bringing with them a plethora of marine life. Macro is abundant but so are the pelagics. From the tiniest sea horses to whale sharks and mola mola, you never quite know what each dive will bring. There are wrecks, many from the Second World War, to explore. There are awesome wrecks too, from small seldom dived vessels to the famous Liberty wreck. Photographers will be especially drawn to this area as the great vis, pristine reefs and prolific fish life will deliver astonishing results. On shore, enjoy a jungle adventure, get close to Orangutans or take a stroll through the local market. There is never a dull day on our Indonesia diving tours - book yours today!

Prices from:

£2495 inc. flights*

Just wanted to say what a wonderful time we had! Many thanks and you'll most certainly be seeing us again

The water temperatures experience little variation through the year, averaging from 26-29 degrees. The diving is excellent all year round. The size and spread of Indonesia makes generalisation difficult but typically the wetter season is Jan - March, although as it is a truly tropical destination, you can experience short downpours at any time of year.

Diving Highlights

The variety is endless and it will really depend on what you love to see underwater as to your personal highlights, but make sure you don't miss:

  • Mola Mola
  • Reef sharks
  • Mantis shrimp
  • Nudibranch of all colours
  • Turtles

Top dive sites: Gapang Beach, The Canyon, the Liberty wreck, Tulamben, Gilimnanukl, Gili Mimpang

Scuba Travel Tips

Take some dollars with you for your visa (obtained on arrival) and Indonesian rupiah for the exit taxes and tipping. If you are visiting one of the Muslim islands, lightweight cover is handy for shoulders when exploring local areas.

Bali Dive Safari

Bali Dive Safari

The Bali Diving Safari chooses the best sites at the north of the island during the 4 stages. During your safari you will discover a variety of dives rarely seen at other destinations. Magnificent coral reefs, black sands with rare fauna and fish life, drop offs and wrecks, it's all here. Frogfish, more here

Best Of Indonesia

Best Of Indonesia

The Best of Indonesia takes in the absolute best dive sites in a part of the world that is recognised as one of the world's all time greatest dive destinations. Now you have the option to dive not only Bunaken national park and Lembeh but also Raja Ampat in one inspirational tour. Pristine reefs, more here

Sumatra Dive Safari

Sumatra Dive Safari

North Sumatra is the quintessential far eastern hideaway and still vastly undiscovered by scuba divers. Pristine reef diving, wreck diving and endless hours on a house reef - these are just some of attractions that North Sumatra can offer. Explore some of Indonesia's best kept secrets on a trip more here

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