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Sumatra Diving Safari | Dive Indonesia

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Sumatra Dive Safari

(Far East - Indonesia )

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Sumatra Dive SafariSumatra Dive SafariSumatra Dive SafariSumatra Dive Safari


North Sumatra is the quintessential far eastern hideaway and still vastly undiscovered by scuba divers. Pristine reef diving, wreck diving and endless hours on a house reef - these are just some of attractions that North Sumatra can offer. Explore some of Indonesia's best kept secrets on a trip that combines not just diving but jungle explorations, endangered wildlife and local culture in a seamless voyage of perfection. Try this North Sumatra diving tour and experience for yourself that pioneering spirit.

The North Sumatra tour begins in Kuala Lumpur as you are met and whisked off to the remote Banda Aceh and the island of Pulau Weh. Your base for the diving portion of your tour is the Lumba Lumba resort where diving paradise is on your door step. Mix and match your 12 boat dives with 4 reef dives and roam the seas around Pulau Weh. Some of the local favourites include the Canyon, Batee Tokong or the Shark Plateau. These are just a taster of over 20 dive sites all easily accessible. Most of the dive sites are no more than 30 minutes by boat although Bantee Meuduro is well worth the longer boat ride to reach. Wreck divers can also get a metal fix. The tugboat is a charming wreck in shallow water whilst those trained for deeper dives can check out the massive Sophie Rickmers, a casualty of the Second World War. The house reef is ideal for an early morning splash in or dusk dive. Or just grab your camera and get practising in this sheltered bay.

Indonesia is famous for the overwhelming diversity and Pulau Weh is blessed with marine life big and small. There are those rare and exotic critters such as the ghost pipefish, mimic octopus and frogfish... and that is just on the house reef! Morays thrive in this area. From honeycomb morays to yellow mouth morays or huge giant morays snaking across the reef. If you love to dive in the middle of schooling fish, there is no better place. Barracuda, travellies, sweetlips, batfish, jacks, tuna... they all love to hang out in the fast currents that sweep several sites. And where you find currents you find pelagics! White tips and black tips sharks are frequently seen as are manta and eagle rays.

Pulau Weh sits on the most westerly point of the Indian Ocean and as such can be subjected to some swift currents. 20-30 dives are recommended for this tour and some experience of drift diving is useful. Photography is ever popular here and with so many creatures of all sizes to snap, you cannot go wrong... even on the house reef! Non divers are welcome but please do talk to your travel consultant prior to booking to ensure your needs can be catered for.

A diving tour marries your passion for diving with a flavour of the local land side attractions so that you get the best and most exciting sightings above or below the water. Scuba Travel have teamed up with the diving experts in this area so you can be sure that satisfaction is guaranteed. Rediscover your thirst for adventure and book yourself on a diving tour with a difference - discover just what beauty awaits in North Sumatra.

Diving Information

  • Experience: Advanced
  • Min. Logged Dives: 30
  • No. Dives Included: 16
  • Dive Boat: Traditional
  • Tanks: 12 or 15ltr
  • Nitrox: No


  • Season: All year
  • Air Temp: 30 - 32 C
  • Water Temp: 28 - 30 C
  • Visability: 20m +
  • Max Group Size: 12


  • Mandatory
    Computer, Surface marker buoy. (Can be hired from the dive centre)
  • Recommended
    5mm wetsuit, torch

Not Included

  • Visa to enter Sumatra, Indonesia: 25USD. Departure Tax and Airport Fees: Approx 15 GBP Total. Equipment Rental. Alcoholic drinks and soft drinks outside of meal times. Additional excursions whitewater rafting, caves experience, Laundry, tips etc.

Required Documents

  • Logbook & Certification card, Diving Insurance and Diving Medical



October 2011

Comments: This holiday proved to be everything Ben Stokes and Sarah Kemsley promise in their presentation. The diving was fantastic and the relaxed and very friendly atmosphere of the Lumba Lumba Dive Centre made for a really enjoyable stay. Also please pass on my thanks to your Caroline Worley for her help in tailoring the itinerary to meet our needs. Thanks for a great holiday. Shaun

May 2011

Dear Ben and Sarah, thankyou very much for making this one of our best holidays ever! You will be highly recommended and hopefully we will travel with you again'. Angela and Andrew French

October 2009

A quick note to thank you for a great holiday in Bukit Lawang and Pulau Weh. Loved the trekking (even if the legs didn't!), the orang utans, the diving and the doughnuts. Particularly loved the personal care, the flexibility, the fact that you took time to find out what we wanted, and that you had the knowledge and the contacts to find us the best. You saved us time, money and anxiety. You gave us a brilliant time Hope to see you again soon. Elaine and Nick

September 2009

Just a quick one to say thank you both for a fantastic holiday. Getting off the beaten track has never been so easy! In 2 weeks we seemed to do so much, and yet at the same time, i came home feeling fully relaxed too. I guess that is the power of Pulau Weh!

After so many dives your enthusiasm for diving only seems to be increasing and it's hugely infectious too, although it's not hard to see why, the diving on Pulau Weh is spectacular. Pristine dive sites all to yourself, a huge variety of life and if that's not enough some really fun currents to keep you on your toes!

Anyway, thanks again guys, I'm still wandering around with this sort of smug feeling that I've found somewhere a bit special before everyone else does! Unfortunately I think that means I'm going to turn into one of those annoying people that says, "well you should have been here 5 years ago...." Matthew

September 2009

I just wanted to thank you for an amazing time in Sumatra. What with seeing the orangutangs in Bukit Lawang and the amazing diving in Weh, I had a trip I won't be forgetting in a hurry. Sumatra is amazing and I would recomend anybody to turn to you when wanting to have an adventure holiday. You were both so helpful, friendly and are true experts on the region. Daniela

November 2008

Download the pdf Charlotte Boan from Dive magazine recently visited Indonesia to check out the Sumatra Dive Safari, download the pdf and read about how she got on.

 Map Away from the crowds and beyond the tourist facade found in other parts of the world this style of experience will appeal to divers looking to escape the predictability of resort or liveaboard based itineraries. For nature lovers, culture enthusiasts and avid divers looking to get there first Sumatra will appeal.

Stage 1 : Kualur Lumpur and Pulau Weh
Day 1: After your internetional flight into Kuala Lumpar you will be met by one of our representatives and taken to the Concorde hotel for the night to get some rest before the adventure begins.

Day 2: Tuck into an early breakfast before heading to the airport for your domestic flight to Banda Aceh (around lunch time). There is a boat transfer between the airport and the Lumba Lumba resort that will be your home for the next few nights. The journey is about 45 minutes and gives you a great chance to soak up some of the luscious scenery en route. On arrival in the Lumba Lumba resort you will be checked in and have a chance to familiarise yourself with the set up. Put your feet up at the end of the day with a cool drink and enjoy!

Day 3: Why not start off with a dip in the house reef. Follow the sloping reef down to find frogfish, mandarin fish and mantis shrimp. There is bags of marine life to hunt out here and the bay is sheltered from currents and winds. You can then grab the boat out to one of the 20 or so sites that are further away. This is still a secret spot with few divers so enjoy the calm as you drift along the reef, adorned with gorgonian sea fans. You can head back out on the boat to Batee Meuroron, where clownfish and anemones are everywhere in all sizes and colours.

Day 4: Spend the day out boat diving today! Most of the dive sites are no more than 30 minutes away so you can really maximise your time underwater. Get out to the west side of the island and splash in on Batee Gla, where the rocky ridge drops to over 40m. This is a drift dive but keep your eyes out for the bumphead parrot fish. In the afternoon why not try a dive at Batee Tokong. This is a well loved dive site with the guides for the mind bloggling number and variety of morays!

Day 5: Take the boat out in the morning to the sister site of Batee Tokong - the Shark Plateau. These 2 sites are well worth diving separately and at Shark Plateau you will find just want you expect. Black and white tip sharks mingle on at around 25m, with the occasional silver tip to boot. Marble rays are also commonly seen amid a wall of schooling reef fish. Gorgeous! In the afternoon dive at Rubiah Seagarden where there are honeycomb morays and nudibranches. After all the thrills of the day why not take a break and head back into the house reef for a dusk dive. Look for the mandarin fish beginning their curious mating dance in the fading daylight

Day 6: Wreck diving is the order of the day with a dive on the Sophie Rickmers. This is a massive 134m long Second World War cargo ship that scuppered itself in 1940. Everything here is giant - the groups, travellies, morays and schools of batfish. This is a deep dive start at about 37m but if you are not trained for these kind of depths, you can still wreck dive at the shallow wreck of a tugboat, perfect for finding banded and ghost pipefish. The Canyon is another favourite dive site and can be dived a number of ways depending on the currents. In the deep sharks pass and it is always a good spot for eagle and manta rays.

Day 7: Have an early morning dive at the house reef for more exploration. Have you found the star gazers or snake eels yet? Jump aboard the morning boat for a super speedy drift at Seulakos Drift. Fields of leather corals will fly underneath you. In the afternoon take the boat to the eastern side for a relaxed drift over the unspoiled and opulent reef at Sumur Tiga.

Day 8: Go out on the boat for the full day to the furthest of the dive sites - Batee Meuduro. This is deep pinnacle with fast current so plenty of pelagics. Tuna, barracuda and Napoleons vie on the reef for space with the sharks. Baby sharks can be found hiding, asleep in a crevice. 2 dives are made here.

Day 9: This is the last days diving in Pulau Weh so is there somewhere you just loved and want to visit again? Or soak up the incredible viz and seemingly endless view at Pantee Ideu before your last house reef dive.

Stage 2 : Banda Aceh & Bukit Lawang
Day 10: Change the pace as you leave Lumba Lumba and take a city tour of Banda Aceh with your guide. There is an afternoon flight from Banda Aceh to Medan where the jungle part of your trip starts. You will be taken to your hotel for the night and time to reflect on the incredible diving you have experienced so far on the trip... this is not the end of the thrill though!

Day 11: You have the day to spend as you wish which includes some shopping and sightseeing at the local markets. There are some excellent optional excursions if you want to see more. The Orang-utan feeding platform is quite unlike anything you will have ever seen and gets you close up with these threatened but beautiful beasts. Go rafting on the river. Or you can head into the Bat Cave! The choice is yours.

Day 12: There is a chance to take a optional trek into the jungle and the Gunung Leuser National Park. Gibbons, macaques and of course the Orangutans are just some of the highlights on this journey into the Sumatran jungle.

Stage 3 : Kualur Lumpur
Day 13: If you are still thirsty for adventure you can head out on one of the optional excursions above or relax in the morning. In the afternoon your final domestic flight jets you Medan to Kuala Lumpar. Depending on your international flights, you may chose to have a night in KL - head downtown for a taster of this vibrant city - or start your return international flights.

Day 14: Tour Ends. Additional nights in downtown Kuala Lumpur can be arranged on request or more excursions.

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