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South Africa is the quintessential destination for land safaris, but also has a mighty reputation for its adrenalin charged scuba diving tours and safaris. Experience first hand the same breath taking proximity to South Africa's big marine life on a diving holiday that will leave you breathless. With a range of tour itineraries, exploring South Africa above and below the water has never been so simple or rewarding. Scuba Travel's South Africa diving tours stop at the most striking underwater highlights... which of course means shark encounters! Leave the hustle of the cities behind and splash in to dive Aliwal Shoal, Protea Banks and Sodwana Bay. Recline at the end of each day's diving adventure from the comfort of the lodge to watch a yellow sun sinking across the endless plain.

South Africa is home to an impressive number of apex predators. Lions, rhino and elephants rule the land whilst tiger, ragged tooth, bull and bronze whalers patrol the waters. Chose from a range of itineraries, each tailored to the changing seasons... The East Coast Safari mixes up awesome scuba diving with land based excursions. 7 Species in 7 Days does just what it says on the tin - 7 different shark species all in 10 dives! Or why not witness the mind bending Sardine Run, as millions of tiny fish run the gauntlet along the coastline, avoiding the seals, gulls and whales that feast on them. Dolphins complete the big fish whilst the smaller paper fish, ribbon eels and rays nestle into an alluring reef of sponges and corals. South Africa proves time and time again that she has not lost the sense of adventure that makes this such an unparalleled destination.

Prices from:

£2495 inc. flights*

We had such a lovely time with a great crowd a holiday that we will treasure for years to come, thanks Scuba Travel

South Africa's seasons are reversed to those in the UK but the diving goes on all year round. The Sardine Run is during our summer months, when the water is at its coolest. Other itineraries run all year round with regular monthly departures.

Diving Highlights

Diving in South Africa is all about the big fish. There is of course plenty of other marine life to admire, but most divers are drawn there for the shark encounters:

  • Ragged tooth sharks
  • Bull sharks
  • Whalesharks
  • Tiger sharks
  • Bronze Whalers
  • Oceanic black tips
  • Dolphin
  • Sardine Run - everything including whales!

Top dive sites to visit: The main areas the diving is focused on are Sodwana Bay, Aliwal Shoal, Protea Banks

Scuba Travel Tips

We can arrange extensions to Cape Town or stop overs en route to compliment your tour. All diving is done by ribs wihch are launched from the shore. Do remember to take a wind breaker for the rib rides out to dive sites as some of the best diving is in relatively exposed locations.

7 Species in 7 Days

7 Species in 7 Days

The ultimate Shark Safari with the mission to identify no less than 7 Shark Species in 7 Days, an action packed adventure for all divers crazy about sharks. All dives sites are selected for the highest chance of shark sightings and we dedicate each dive to spotting at least one shark species. Take more here

East Coast Safari

East Coast Safari

Our East Coast Safari is a 10 night safari filled with animal encounters, the like of which you would normally only dream of. The striking South African scenery is home to great predators, both above and below the waves. And the team at Immerse Yourself Safaris are the perfect companions the whole more here

Sardine Run

Sardine Run

The Sardine Run is a natural phenomenon that eclipses the ordinary. And there is only one place on this blue earth where you can take part - South Africa's Wild Coast. A vast and rugged country, this stretch of untamed coastline sits just east of the Cape. Formerly known as the Transeki, the Wild more here

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