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Egypt to Suakin Expedition

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Egypt to Suakin Expedition
Red Sea - Sudan
From £2545 inc. flights*
  • Unique 2 week Egypt - Sudan itinerary
  • Spend less time travelling and more time diving!
  • Superb seasonal hammerhead encounters in Suakin
  • Famous Umbria wreck
  • Plunging reef walls and pristine corals
To spend 2 weeks of unadulterated diving in what are surely some of the worlds premier dive sites is to taste the thrill of good old fashioned exploration in an ever shrinking modern world. From the comfort of a custom built liveaboard, the Egypt to Suakin tour not only encompasses the Deep South and St Johns area of the Egyptian Red Sea, but also takes you right down to Suakin, Sudan. Suakin lies around 60 miles south of what is today Port Sudan. It was once a medieval port and crucial stop off on the route to Mecca. Fallen into disuse and relative disrepair on land, this is the final bastion of the untouched Red Sea and a veritable treasure that will most certainly get the nerves tingling of any dive adventurer.

Departing from Port Galeb, the Egypt to Suakin itinerary kicks off the week with a check dive in Fury Shoal before steaming overnight to St Johns. A full day exploring the walls and pinnacles of St Johns ensues. Another night takes you into Sudan, from which it is only a short sail to Suakin. This is an area filled with lush coral reefs and tiny island that dot the horizon. Ambar, Masamarit, Kazam Mazamarit and Dahret Gharb are the hallowed names that attract those seeking seldom dived adventures. Sailing into northern Sudan brings the delights of the Umbria, Shaab Rumi, Sanganeb and Angarosh. The final leg of this stunning 2 week tour takes you back into St Johns before returning to Galeb.

This is an epic journey that is best enjoyed over our winter months when the water is at its ideal temperature for the most awesome pelagic encounters. From Egypt to Suakin keep one eye in the blue as hammerheads regularly school. Grey reefs, silver tips and even tiger sharks will make for memorable entries in your dive log. The lavish corals and jaw dropping underwater scenery of Suakin are seldom seen but should not be missed. Humphead parrot fish, giant barracuda, manta and dolphin... a trip to from Egypt to Suakin takes diving to the edge - and back again.

This is an intense itinerary that is most suited to advanced divers. Egypt's Deep South is but a warm up for the more challenging dives further south. Sudan is a remote and wild dive destination where the rewards are great but should only be attempted by experienced divers (50 dives+). This is an ideal tour for technical divers and photographers will go home with images that stand out. The Egypt to Suakin itinerary opens up a world of incredible diving. A unique tour, this is the only way to visit to the best diving of this region . This itinerary is the ideal choice for the most discerning of divers and will never disappoint over what is best described as the trip of a lifetime.

Please note that entry visas are required by all nationalities to Egypt and Sudan. Currently your Egyptian visa is included in the cost of your holiday but the Sudanese visas and taxes are paid per person paid locally.
All other nationalities: 390 Euro + 115 US$ to be paid onboard after embarkation
American nationality: 390 Euro + 165 US$ to be paid onboard after embarkation
You will need to have 4 empty pages and no Israeli stamps. We will need a copy of the photo page of your passport prior to travel. There is a supplement to be paid at the time of booking for the main deck cabins.
One of the main deck cabins is fully converted to be disabled friendly.

Quick Facts

  • Average Water Temp: 23 - 30 C
  • Average Air Temp: 23 - 35 C
  • Average Visability: 15 - 30m
  • Good for: Sharks, Reefs, Walls
  • Suitable for beginners: No


  • The stress free way to visit Sudan sailing down from Egypt & St Johns. The inclusion of the seldom dived Suakin area (southern Sudan) as well as the Umbria, Shaab Rumi, Angarosh make this a must see itinerary for advanced divers.


  • "I enjoyed the rest of the holiday very much and would consider diving with Scuba Travel again."Alison
  • "What an experience! Lots of silkies, memorable hammerhead encounters, a thresher and a large manta. Guides were superb, a brilliant crew and the best boat. Best diving holiday I have ever been on."Stephen Bowers

This is a typical example of the Egypt to Suakin Expedition itinerary. The schedule is subject to change according to prevailing weather conditions and is only given as a example of what you would usually encounter during your holiday.

Day 1
On arrival in Egypt you will be taken to a hotel for the evening.

Day 2
A transfer will pick you up on day 2 and take you to the boat. That evening the boat sails down to Fury Shoal or St Johns (depending on weather and timing)

Day 3
Begins in Fury Shoal or St Johns with 3 day dives. Overnight the boat sails to Gotta Uhrub

Day 4
Commences with an early dive at Gotta Uhrub before heading down to Port Sudan.

Day 5
Begins with completing the paperwork in Port Sudan. Guests stay on board the boat. After this there are 2 dives on the Umbria before heading to Wingate for the 3rd dive and night dive. The boat then more to Dahret Abid for the night.

Day 6
Starts with 2 dives at Dahret Abid and 2 dives at Habili Abid

Day 7
Is spent in Suakin diving at Dahret Darraka, Dahret Ghab and Habili Ghab.

Day 8
Dives at Protector Reef, Hindi Gidir and Seil Ada

Day 9
Dives at Shaab Anbar, Pinacolo and Jumna before sailing north to Sanganeb in the evening.

Day 10
Completes 2 dives at Sanganeb (north and south plateau) before moving to Shaab Rumi for an afternoon and night dive.

Day 11
Kicks off with 2 dives at Shaab Rumi followed by 2 dives at the Blue Belt

Day 12
Heads to Merlo for a dive followed by Angaorsh and then Abington for the 3rd dive and night dive.

Day 13
Sails to Shaab el Hara for 1 dive before returning north to Abu Fanadir for 2 dives. Afterwards the boat sails for St Johns and Port Galeb.

Day 14
is the last day's diving with 1 or 2 dives in St Johns before sailing north to the port.

Day 15
Is the return day at Port Ghaleb and flight back home.

If you would like to add an extension, combine this with another product or tweak the itinerary give us a call so we can discuss your dream diving holiday.


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