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TAKE IT easy | Photo Editing with Lightroom

These courses are suitable for anyone with a digital camera, and even if you already have experience using another editing program you should be able to benefit hugely from them.

"A simple way of learning photography by using short lessons, practical exercises and quick reviewing. With an emphasis on gradually learning by doing, having fun and demystifying the jargon"

What do you do with your pictures from your digital camera? If you would like to do something with them but are not sure how to squeeze the best from them, then one of our Take It Easy© and Edit with Ease Adobe Lightroom courses and they will help you to organise and edit your pictures . Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is fast becoming the program of choice for busy photographers from Amateur to Professional needing to quickly and easily edit their digital images, and get themselves organised. It was designed from the bottom up to work well for all photographers needing a swift and efficient workflow. After completing our courses you will be able to plan a successful workflow that will enable you to find any shot with ease. And then edit that shot to get the best from it. From basic colour correction and tonal range changes all the way to advanced brush and filtering techniques. Armed with this knowledge learnt from someone with real world experience, you will be able to shoot and edit with confidence.

Take It Easy© and Edit with ease using Adobe Lightroom T1

Introductory Course duration 2hrs. Cost £60 Familiarising yourself with the Lightroom interface, how to import your pictures, keywording and proper workflow. Learning the easy way round the Lightroom interface.

Take It Easy© and Edit with ease using Adobe Lightroom T2

Easy Editing Course duration 2hrs Cost £60 We will cover how to simply and quickly edit your pictures, basic colour and tonal corrections and retouching and tidying up, and some timesaving keyboard shortcuts.

Take It Easy© and Edit with ease using Adobe Lightroom T3

Getting Clever Course duration 2hrs Cost £60 This module will cover how to take you basic skills learnt in the previous course, to the next level. You will learn how to use the colour controls creatively and effectively, and how to edit your pictures in specific regions of the shot using multiple brushes and filters. Designing your own filters, presets and brushes to save you time in the future Outputting your pictures for print or web and even producing a slideshow for burning onto a media file. Because of the more advanced nature of this course, modules T1 and T2 are a prerequisite.

If you book all three courses at the same time there is a discounted cost of £150 Whilst our customer base in the main is made up of underwater photographers, these courses really are applicable to anyone with a digital camera wanting to progress their editing skills. Whatever your area of photographic experience, you will learn something of value.

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