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Our Take It Easy expeditions aim to travel a bit further afield than our usual Northern Red Sea dive locations. With the aim of us going somewhere exciting and photogenic, with photography in mind.There will be less of a structured course with our T.I.E. expeditions, but I will still be on hand all day to help and advise on an individual basis.

"A simple way of learning photography by using short lessons, practical exercises and quick reviewing. With an emphasis on gradually learning by doing, having fun and demystifying the jargon"

As we are often going to places that it would be great to get good results from the very first dive I would like to contact you well ahead of the trip so that I can tailor my help and advice to your specific needs so we can hit the ground running so to speak.

You may already be a very capable underwater photographer and just want a trip to photograph specific things, in an environment that fosters good underwater photography, with like minded souls.
Or you may be a beginner that wants a bit of one on one tuition, but would prefer to travel a bit further afield than the Red Sea.
I will do daily talks but don‘t worry they aren‘t mandatory, you are still on holiday after all. There will also be an emphasis on picture reviewing and photo editing. So I will be still teaching post processing using the popular software package Adobe Lightroom.

Depending on where the expedition is headed, will define what we cover during my talks. For instance if its a trip to the Southern Red Sea, for our Corals Caves and Critters itinerary, then there will be an emphasis on capturing good available and mixed lighting photography, using the caves and shallow hard coral gardens where we will spend a lot of our time.
If its a trip to the Maldives for shooting sharks or Manta‘s then some tips and tricks for shooting large animals in currents is the order of the day but also including some presentations which have a marine biological slant to give you some background info on our subject matter. And for our Indonesian Above and Below trip, we will also be doing some on land travel photography so you may want to bring some other lenses and kit along with you.

Who are these trips for?
These trips are all a bit different so it is a good idea beforehand to maybe have a chat with us as to the suitability.
For instance my Corals Caves and Critters itinerary is suitable for all diving and photographic abilities.
However our Maldive‘s Manta and Shark weeks are probably best if you are familiar with current diving they are suitable for all photographic abilities but so we can maximise your enjoyment, I would like to know beforehand what level of photographic experience you have, its not a problem if you are a novice. It just means I can get you up to speed as quickly as possible with the basics learnt on the first couple of days thats all. Or maybe even before we travel we could arrange some basic underwater photography tuition for you.

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