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Underwater Photographers Charter

Scuba Travel subscribes to the Underwater Photographers Charter as we believe all underwater photographers
have a responsibility to helping to maintain the reef and underwater environment.

Here are three very simple rules that underpin the Underwater Photographers Charter.

If all divers conduct their underwater photography with these in mind then underwater photography and photographers will help to maintain a good relationship with the diving community at large, and more importantly help to keep the undersea environment in good condition.

Underwater Photographers Charter Rule No 1
"No photograph or video is worth more than the subject matter or its surroundings"

Underwater Photographers Charter Rule No 2
"Minimise your impact on the environment by practicing good diving skills and movement in the water"

Underwater Photographers Charter Rule No 3
"Accept that you will occasionally make mistakes by bumping into the reef etc. Endeavour to learn from your mistakes and improve for the future"

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