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Our current compact camera kit which we have available to hire is the Olympus TG1, the hire includes both the camera and housing, a wide angle lens and some lighting.

"Get high quality results with our carefully considered camera hire kit"

Most of the time hire kit is the cheapest camera available to a company with very little thought given to its practical use. We take underwater photography very seriously at Scuba Travel and want to give you every possible advantage to get high quality results, so our hire kit is always chosen with careful consideration as to its usefulness.

The Olympus TG1 is a very capable little compact camera, and its simplicity belies its abilities. It is capable of shooting high resolution still and video images in most conditions. And as it is a camera that is already waterproof down to 12m even outside of its housing, this will provide you with an extra layer of security against flooding which is often a worry for first time underwater camera users.

We have chosen it not just for its toughness, it also has one of the most capable automatic underwater modes of any camera we have used, and on top of that it will easily accept a very high quality super wide angle lens which along with a strobe we include as part of the total kit.

When you hire this, I will take you through its basic functions, to get you up and running or you could use it and take one of my Take It Easy onboard photo courses, to really give you an introduction to underwater photography.

You can hire this outfit daily for £75 or for the whole duration of your Liveaboard trip for £250
Our Take It Easy basic underwater photography course last two or three days and costs £150
Please give us ample warning before your trip, as we have limited numbers available.

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