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Duxy‘s Talks

Are you a DiveClub? Do you invite guest speakers along to your club evenings or events?
Then Duxy our resident Travel Photography Specialist, here at Scuba Travel has something that may be of interest to you.


For the last five years Duxy has been visiting local dive clubs and giving presentations.
These have always been well received, they are fun and lively, and have covered a variety of topics within the world of Underwater Photography. Previously Duxy, worked for Cameras Underwater and then after that Ocean Leisure Cameras. Over these years he has also presented popular talks at the Diveshows,and is known for injecting a sense of humour into what can be a dry topic at times.

He has also conducted overseas trips on a regular basis, and the repeating customers are a testament to his methods.
Currently writing for SportDiver and prior to that DIVE about making underwater photography an easy and straightforward subject, he likes to demystify underwater photography and believes that anyone wanting to take pictures can easily do so with his simple to understand advice. It was a logical step to take to become the Travel Photography Specialist here at Scuba Travel, and he is bringing his experience to bear in regular photo trips and workshops.


He can come to your club and give a talk about underwater photography and how simple it can be. He will be introducing the TAKE IT easy© concept of underwater photography showing how anyone that wants to, without any prior photo knowledge, can quickly and easily learn to take great photographs, not just underwater but on land too. With a new presentation of around 40mins he will show a few excerpts of his workshop lessons illustrated with photographs taken on all sorts of equipment from compacts through to DSLR's and of course some of the very latest Mirrorless cameras. Using strobes and lenses, white balance, exposure control. You will quickly realise that underwater photography can add an extra element to your aquatic experiences, and that even if before this you considered underwater photography too complex, afterwards you should have a different take on it all.

He will also show how going out on a photo oriented trip with Scuba Travel can enrich and reinvigorate your diving like nothing else. After the talk he will be on hand for as long as you would like to chat, about underwater photography and photo specific dive trips.

So if you fancy having him along to your club, all we charge is his traveling expenses, which most clubs usually generate by a small cover fee for the members.

Here are what others have said about his talks in the past.

"Many thanks indeed for the cracking lecture last
night, I feel quite inspired now I know what I should be doing and seeing what
can be done with a simple setup......."
Thanks again, cheers Graham Brown.

"Not really sure what I was expecting last night but what you delivered was much
It was a really good talk delivered with enthusiasm for both diving and photography (what a combination!!!) and loads of experience.........."
Thanks once again Paul
Duxy can be contacted on duxy@scubatravel.comor 0800 0728221

Currently all our holidays are full and we are getting our new schedule ready please check back soon for an update.

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