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Alex Says...Tubbataha is bound to become the next must see destination for the discerning dive traveller. And there is no better way to experience it than on the luxurious and robust Azores liveaboard, with fine diving and the highest levels of service. Don’t confuse this trip with a standard Philippines trip. Tubbataha is out in the middle of the deep Sula Sea, with untouched reefs in the clearest ocean water. We’ll be shooting the richness of the coral triangle in perfect conditions for photography. The pre-trip extension offers the chance to feast on macro critters and muck diving, staying at the elegant Atlantis Dumaguete Resort - please speak to Scuba Travel about the supplement for this pretrip extension. In short this trip is about the finest of the Philippines both in terms of diving and accommodation.

Philippines Finest with Mustard

Dates: 03 May 2014 - 10 May 2014

Alex Says...“Although I have been doing Northern Red Sea photographic liveaboard trips every summer since 1998, I love the diving so much I can never wait for the next one. And I am not the only one, my workshops tend to book up quickly because experiencing it once is never enough.

It is when the whole place goes into biological overdrive. These workshops are timed to catch the great gathering of schools at Ras Mohammed, but we also mix in a few days on the most photogenic wrecks and reefs. We don’t do all the sites, but repeat the ones that are most productive for images.

My workshops are not aimed at absolute beginners and most people have SLRs, but cameras snobs are not allowed! All I ask is that you are enthusiastic about your underwater photography.”

Red Sea Photography Workshop

Dates: 14 Jun 2014 - 21 Jun 2014

Alex Says...I love the Red Sea in early summer. Above water it is very warm, but not yet reaching the oppressive temperatures of high summer and underwater the sea is flourishing at the most biologically active time of year. Early summer is mating season in the Red Sea, but you don't need to be a fish geek to appreciate it. This is biology on a grand scale as spectacular schools of fish gather at Ras Mohammed, turning it into one of the diving wonders of the world. Red Sea life will be the main photographic focus of this workshop. Although we won't just be letting our cameras feast on wildlife, we'll start the trip with a couple of days shooting a few of the Red Sea's famous wrecks. This is predominantly a wide angle trip, although there are macro subjects on ever dive. I am also really pleased to running this workshop for my friends from Nauticam, which will ensure we'll have some of the very latest innovations and some of the finest underwater photography products on board. I hope you'll join us for a very special week.

Nauticam Tryout Workshop with Mustard

Dates: 21 Jun 2014 - 28 Jun 2014

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