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Alex Says...Autumn in the Red Sea is a great time to visit. The water is still warm from the summer, but as the temperature starts to drop, so the bigger beasties start to come in to the reef. The aim of this workshop is to combine spectacular offshore and remote reefs, with (hopefully) great shark encounters in Egypt's Deep South. Our main target shark is the charismatic oceanic whitetip, a species which was once widespread throughout the warm parts of the world's oceans, but it has been fished near the point of extinction. The Red Sea is one of the few remaining places to see them reliably. For those who have done my summer Red Sea workshops around Sinai, focused on the schools, reefs and wrecks, this workshop is a chance to photograph a very different side of the Red Sea, with hopefully plenty of big animals. It is a few years since I have run a workshop to these reefs, so I am really excited about hitting these sites again.

Whitetips and Wonders with Mustard

Dates: 05 Nov 2014 - 12 Nov 2014

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