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Mistral Mistral


Duxy Says...Do you sometimes struggle to convey in your pictures, the drama and scale of your favourite wrecks? Come on this Wreck photo special where you will learn not only the technical expertise to shoot successfully in a variety of sometimes challenging lighting situations, but also how to inject some compositional and artistic skills into your wreck pictures. Placing them into context, telling a story and showing scale will be just some of the topics we will cover in this trip. So dust off your wide angles, and hop onboard for a wreck photo extravaganza

Get Wrecked Photography

Dates: 03 May 2014 - 10 May 2014

Duxy Says...This trip is for those of you that want a diverse variety of photographic challenges and is suitable for all with a camera. At the beginning of the week in a controlled environment , at the incredible and unique underwater museum, we will be able to do multiple dives in shallow waters - perfect for mastering your available and mixed lighting techniques. So if at first you don't succeed, you will be able to review between dives and get it mastered on the next try. Then you can get a chance snorkelling with the famous whalesharks at Isla Mujeres, practising large marine life wide angle techniques. After this we will be going underground and exploring the Cenotes that this part of Mexico is famous for and a test of good exposure control. So a trip like this will give you ample opportunity to stretch your photo skills in all directions.

Hidden Treasures of Mexico

Dates: 28 Jun 2014 - 10 Jul 2014

Whirlwind Whirlwind


Duxy Says...This is a great course for newbies to underwater photography (or if you are just not feeling confident about using your camera!). I will cover the basic principles to get you up and running in no time. Use the TakeItEasy method to demystify the techniques needed to enable you to take home some great shots. More experienced snappers are also welcome on board! I have picked this time in mid summer as there will be no shortage of great subject matter to shoot, from impressive wrecks to huge schools of fish"

Red Sea Photography

Dates: 16 Aug 2014 - 23 Aug 2014

Duxy Says...Macro photography is sometimes dismissed as easy but the aim of this trip is to help you take your macro shots to a whole new level! Go beyond fish ID. I am also really looking forward to diving with Maluku Divers- loads of space for all our camera kit, fabulous boats and outstanding guides.

Ambon Critters Close Up

Dates: 20 Sep 2014 - 04 Oct 2014

Casa Mia Casa Mia


Duxy Says..."This trip begs the use of a wide angle system, so if you haven't got one already I urge you to get in touch and I will give you the low down on what is the best kit to bring along for what promises to be an exciting thrill ride picturing natures top flight marine creatures. You don't need a high end set up in fact a compact camera with a wide angle lens should get you some great pics. I for one can't wait"

Maldives Go Diving

Dates: 16 Nov 2014 - 24 Nov 2014

Duxy will be available onboard to offer our all new 1:1 Take It Easy courses, for information see our Take It easy courses in the side bar.
Call Duxy at Scuba Travel on 0800 072 8221 or email him at duxy@scubatravel.com

Currently all our holidays are full and we are getting our new schedule ready please check back soon for an update.

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