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June 2016

Great itinerary - Open Deck was fantastic - Lynne and I had the barge to ourselves on one dive - how cool is that? Duxy's advice was invaluable but not forced. Chris

June 2016

My first dive on this well known wreck and it did not disappoint. The open-deck policy worked really well in this location. The briefing covered all of the necessary detail and more with Duxy providing lots of recommendations for photo opportunities. Nicholas Godfrey

January 2015

This course is excellent and a must for anyone wishing to improved their photography.   The camera even the digital ones are still only one of the steps to great pictures. Just as skills in the dark room were, so are skills post processing, wish I had done this course two years ago.  Helped as ever by a font of knowledge in photography, Duxy. Andy Moll

September 2014

Duxys Red Sea Workshop. Having just got back from Duxys workshop i feel I must report how great this workshop was with a smaller group on a smaller boat. The way the workshop was run by Paul & the boat crew was excellent some of the dive sites were quite new to me & I have been on quite a few now. We were all made to feel at home with what ever kind of camera you were shooting. Paul had time for everyone to make sure everyone were getting the kind of shots they wanted. i think one thing that made this work was the smaller group on Tempest with 10/12 guests, This was one trip I would do again with this size. Just to also say the boat & crew, the good were to the normal very high standard. Thanks to Paul a great workshop to the Crew of MV Tempest a great time had by all. Till next time Safe Diving Best Regards Andy. Andy Barker

February 2013

This was our first liveaboard with Scuba Travel although not our first trip with Duxy. The room on Whirlwind was clean & roomy with the best shower I've ever had on a liveaboard! The cabin crew were great & the food was very nice. Duxy helped me to further my photography technique with the new equipment I had upgraded to on his advice (which was spot on!) but didn't interfere with the running of the week's diving. Unfortunately this was the worst weather I've ever seen in Egypt so diving plans had to keep changing due to the wind directions but Valeria kept all the guests as happy as she could in trying to get the best dives possible in. I was very impressed with Vall's style and would have to say she is the best guide I've ever had on a Red Sea liveaboard - I would definitely book another liveaboard with you & hope that Val & Duxy will both be onboard to ensure a fantastic trip. Looking forward to my return to Indonesia with Duxy later in the year!! Anne Medcalf

October 2012

Had a fantastic holiday, perfect for me to get back into the diving game!  Thank you so much for looking out for me, really did appreciate it & certainly eased any nerves I had to begin with!  Also hope you enjoyed the buddy experience, was great, especially the diver soup on the night dive!!  Will definitely be back out there, with Scuba, next year!
For feedback on the week….  What a great concept that Scuba Travel have, Duxy, Scuba's Photography Specialist, is on board to provide hands on advice to those using camera's, whatever your experience Duxy can help & how much is totally up to you, all you need to do is ask.

See you next year! Jeremy

October 2012

I have to admit when I got the email saying a photo specialist would be onboard it raised the alarm for me. In fact, i wrote back asking for confirmation that this would not interfere with the itinerary etc in any way. My concern was that I wanted a relaxed break with some easy diving and a equally relaxed introduction to liveaboards for my mate. I've spoken to several divers over the years and had feedback on various 'accompanied' trips, be it a photography or wreck specialist. Generally the feedback about the photo trips had been good but also that it had been "intense" and that the itinerary had been quite different, not what I wanted for this trip.

Am very pleased to say that having you onboard didn't interfere with the typical relaxed nature of the northern trip at all. I'm also grateful for the numerous tips you gave me through the week in terms of things specific to my camera as well as underwater photography in general. The rig I had is new, in fact I'd only done two dives with it prior to the trip and although I've used an underwater camera for years it's only ever been on a point and shoot basis. I'd hoped to have the opportunity to have a little play with my new rig on the trip and get to know a few of the more advanced functions, your help enabled me to progress much further than I would have done alone, so a big thank you for that.

In short, given that this was not a specialist photography trip I though that you positioned yourself just right - available for help and tips but not at all pushy. I'm heading back there in just under three weeks for a shore based Tec trip, will be interesting to see how the Canon / Patima (and me) perform at some serious depths….. Oh, on that note, if you know of any good, 120 metre depth rated strobes I'd be very interested in knowing which ones!  Dave Hurring

October 2012

Duxy - Our Photographic Mentor - He is the BEST and always will be.  He is so patient with everyone, never rushes you and always manages to find a way to explain a particular concept, whether you are a camera geek or have never advanced beyond the cameras auto mode. He is always ready to help and advise, whatever time of day or night.  He is so enthusiastic about each persons photos, whatever they are like, good or bad.  He can find something positive to say about the worst photo and make you feel good about yourself, giving tips and advice on what you could try next time.  This was our second trip with Duxy, and he was as enthusiastic with us this time as he was the first time.  I thought he may have said something like "I told you this on the last trip" but not at all.  It was like meeting our old friend and he was just as patient with us as if we were complete beginners.  Later in the trip, when we found our camera feet again, he was more than willing to add on to what we had already learnt.  He catered his talks to suit all tastes and skill levels.

  We will definitely do another trip with him - can't wait to see the new itineraries for 2013 (please let Tasik Ria be in there somewhere). Jan and Keith Bushe

September 2012

I would recommend Duxy’s photography trips to any diver looking to start out or just improve their underwater photography. He really has the knowledge to help people of all levels, whether it be with camera set up/settings, the artistic side of things or editing. Don’t settle for blurry blue images – Book a trip!!! Stu

September 2012

Really enjoyed the trip (so did John), learned lots about cameras. The only thing would have done a bit different would be to do a bit more editing through lightroom, but that's not a criticism of you, rather of the itinery...getting back to base a bit late each night. But not a biggie, sort of enjoying having a play with the software and learning myself. Thanks for a brillianf couple of weeks, Paul

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